Hampton Creek

A Pioneer of Cutting-Edge Health Foods

About Hampton Creek

Dedicated to creating healthier, more environmentally friendly food options for modern consumers around the world, Hampton Creek uses technology and plant analysis to engineer wholesome foods. Bill Gates named Hampton Creek one of the leading companies in the future of food, and several major figures, including Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin and Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, have invested in it. Josh Tetrick, a Fulbright scholar, founded the company in 2011 to provide better alternatives to cheap but unhealthy foods. Hampton Creek has since developed alternatives to several popular food items, including mayonnaise and cookies, that are made without trans fats or problematic ingredients like MSG.

One of the flagship Hampton Creek products is Just Mayo, a spread that does not contain eggs. Building off the success of Just Mayo, Hampton Creek has teamed with other corporations to remove eggs from their various products. The company also offers Just Cookie Dough, which consumers can bake or eat straight from the jar, as it does not contain eggs. Another popular product, Just Cookies, is also made without butter or eggs, and has earned praise from both Oprah Winfrey and celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. Individuals can choose between oatmeal raisin, sugar, chocolate chip, and peanut butter flavors.

Much of Hampton Creek’s research is focused on creating one of the largest plant databases in the world. The company’s scientists are analyzing proteins found in hundreds of thousands of plants to create healthier versions of common foods. In the future, the company plans to introduce Just Scramble, an egg-free "scrambled egg" product that is made with pea protein.