Newsletter - Term 1, Week 1

Friday, 11th February 2022


Kia ora koutou,

What a busy week we have had to kick off the year. All of our students have settled into their new classrooms well and the teachers have commented to me on what a great bunch of students they have this year.

Our school swimming lessons are in full swing and it is great to see the level of participation from our students and the progress that is already being made. We are extremely lucky to have acquired the services from a qualified instructor who gets results. As I mentioned last week we were extremely lucky to have gained funding from the Otautau Medical Trust to fund these swimming lessons. We are already looking ahead to next year on how we can continue this partnership with Johnston Waters and what funding sources we can tap into.

Next week the Life Education bus arrives at school. Students will get two sessions in the bus covering a range of topics. A couple of classrooms are looking at resilience. I would have to say that the resilience our students have displayed this week wearing face coverings in doors with the extreme heat has been admirable. They have adjusted to the new way of learning in classrooms well and are just getting on with things.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plans
Schools are now being asked to develop plans around what to do if we get a case of COVID-19 within the school. Communication will be vital during this time. We will continue to use facebook and the school app informing our community of any positive cases and what our next steps may be. This communication may come to you late at night so please ensure the 'push notification' function is activated on your device. In the event of a positive case it may mean that as a school we move to learning from home for a couple of days while we can trace close contacts and inform families involved. Hopefully we don't need to use these plans but as a community we need to be prepared and adjust accordingly.

Nga mihi,

Simon Bell



With the children swimming, it would be great if you could pack something extra into their lunch boxes.

Heat ups

Lunches can still be heated up in our pie warmer. Please remember to wrap in tin foil and put child's name on top. There should be a heat up bucket in every classroom to put them in.

School Hats

Hats are compulsory in Term 1 when children are outside. If your child has misplaced their hat, these can be purchased from the office for $15.


Due to Covid restrictions the Term 1 Touch Module at Holt Park Otautau will be only open for Year 5,6,7,8 this term. The module will being on 21st February and conclude on March 28th. The cost for the six games will be $23.00. The google form will be put on the school app for you to register.

We will require a parent with a vaccine pass to coach/manager for each team.


Everyone is more than welcome to come and pick the apples at the school. The eating apples are the first tree through the drive in gate and the rest are cooking. Help yourselves!

Positive Behaviour Tau Cards - Week 1

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These are some lovely photos of our first week back for 2022.

All the children are happy, excited and very relaxed about being in Room 6.

These are some reading groups, swimming pics and we have modelling clay for a can do activity once all routines are set.

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 1 is now out. If you wish to order books this can be done through the Book Club Loop online. A percentage of all books purchased goes as a credit to the school and this is used to purchase new books for our Library. Below is a link on how to purchase online.

HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine is funded for girls and boys aged 9-26 years (inclusive) with all students in Year 8 able to have the HPV immunisation at school. The HPV vaccine protects against future infection from nine types of human papillomavirus that lead to cervical, anal, genital, mouth and throat cancers, as well as genital warts. The HPV vaccine is the final immunisation given as part of New Zealand’s free childhood immunisation programme.

All year 8 students have been given a form to take home which includes detailed information about the immunisation. Please complete the form, either consenting or declining the school-based immunisation programme and return the form to school by Monday February 14th.

The first HPV vaccine will be administered at school between late February and mid-May 2022. The second and final HPV vaccine will be administered at school a minimum of 6 months after the first. If a student is absent on the vaccination day, the HPV Immunisation Team will revisit school on a later date to vaccinate.

The HPV vaccine can be given on the same day or week as the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. There is no need for any spacing between the two.

We will be abiding by any health measures that are required at the time of visiting schools.

Further information about HPV and the vaccine can be found at: or or you are welcome to contact the local HPV Immunisation Team by emailing or phoning (03) 214 6436 or 0800 800 249.


Winton Football Club Inc

The club’s AGM will be held in the Presbyterian Church’s lounge on Tuesday 22 February 2022 at 7.30pm. All welcome. Enquiries to
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