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February 2016 Newsletter

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Dear ALL STARS, you may have noticed that our AllStarsPerform ArtsAcademy account has been closed. Sadly, we lost that account and have to rebuild. We lost SO MANY PHOTOS that had been accumulated throughout the years.
Please help spread the word so that this new page can become our new facebook main page. (Although there is another ALL STARS Performing Arts Page that you may have already liked, I no longer have access to it, so it will never change or provide new info again...)

Follow the link above and *LIKE* our new page! Then start uploading those pictures and videos and tag ALL STARS Performing Arts. Thank you!
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All right Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls... This newsletter is a long one. Took a while to compile everything together, but here it is, packed with tons of info!

Calendar of Events

February Birthdays

Summer @ ALL STARS - camps & intensives

Acting Academy news

Rock Academy news


"Inspiration" Spring Recital

*Program Sponsors
*Photo Sessions


upcoming events to know about... Put it on your Calendars NOW!


Student Choreography Auditions

@ 7:30


OPEN for all classes!

22 - 27th

COLORS WEEK! - any color dance wear is allowed in classes.


ALL STARS Rock Academy Recital
@ Tannery Row Ale House 5pm

Tickets are ON SALE now!



"Inspiration" Spring Recital tickets go on sale

5th - 27th
Photo Sessions for "Inspiration" Spring Recital
please see photo session schedule posted in the studio on the wall between room 2 & 3. It can also be found online HERE at the ALL STARS website, under the current events page.


OPEN for all classes!

25 - 31th

COLORS WEEK! - any color dance wear is allowed in classes.


2nd - 8th

DANCE, ROCK, & ACTING Academies CLOSED for Spring Break

"Inspiration" Spring Recital FINALE Rehearsal
7:30 - 9:30 @ ALL STARS

"Inspiration" Spring Recital FINALE Rehearsal
1:00 - 5:00 @ ALL STARS

ALL STARS Acting Academy Spring Shows @ NGHS
"You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" & "The 25th Annual Putnam County SPELLING BEE"

"Inspiration" Spring Recital - General and Finale Rehearsals
@ ALL STARS 1:00 - 7:00pm

12th, Thursday
"Inspiration" Spring Recital - DRESS REHEARSAL
@ Infinite Energy Center (formally the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center)
3:00 - 10:00pm (times of rehearsal will be announced closer to the date)

13th - 14th, Friday & Saturday

"Inspiration" Spring Recital Performances

@ Infinte Energy Center

Friday - 7:30 --dancers plan to arrive no later than 6:30
Saturday - 1:00 -- dancers plan to arrive no later than 12:00
Saturday - 6:30 --dancers plan to arrive no later than 5:30

(MANY) more details to follow :P

Link to Calendar of Events on the ALLSTARS web site - BE SURE TO CHECK BACK OFTEN

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We wish each of our birthday students a wonderful year! Eat lots of cake!

February Birthdays

1 - Daisy Denton, Annice Park

3 - Madysen Sparks

6 - T'risa Stephenson

7 - Wyatt Smith

9 - Emily Kissing

10 - Lauren Melady

11 - Emily Griffeth

12 - Maya Bellier & Karis Chang

13 - Victoria Abassy

14 - Rozjon Hosseini, Erwin Mendoza & Emery Orza

15 - Lily McKenzie

16 - Rita Kromberg & Mia Schweikher

19 - Gilland Brown

20 - Arvanna Carrillo & Karen Oliva

21 - Komal Nambiar

22 - Emma Bradley

23 - Mike Boutin

24 - Ellie Park

25 - Addison Barfield & Elita Turlajus

26 - Lilianna Azurin & Ansley Welborn

27 - Eliana Keasler

Summer 2016 @ ALL STARS

The warm weather teased us! It has many of us wishing for the warmer days to come.
To keep you busy this summer ALL STARS is offering classes for all ages, dance levels and interests.

ALL STARS Dance Camps will be held for dancers 3-18 years old.

3-8 year olds will experience dance class, as well as make a craft, have story time and watch dance clips to inspire them to dance. Each camp will conclude with an in-house performance by the dancers for family & guests.

8-18 year olds will participate in high energy, fun classes that will teach them technique and choreography, in either one or multiple styles. These camps will also have an in-house performance by the dancers for family & guest at the end of the week.

Summer Intensives are for serious dancers, at the intermediate to advanced level. These intensives will provide concentrated amount of training to really dedicate themselves to a technique and performance.

Take a look at the classes below, register now and get a discount on tuition, then get a friend to join you in what will be the best Summer ALL STARS has seen yet. !

REGISTER HERE or click on the DATE for any dance camp below for the registration website!

ALL STARS Acting Academy

Did you know the film industry in Atlanta is BOOMING, and many projects are casting kids?? Get your young actor camera ready, with All Stars film & television classes. Your actor will get access to the perfect headshot, a demo reel, how to audition, and become camera ready! Try a class for free!!
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Spring Musical Ensemble

Our end of the year musical is going to be SHOW STOPPING!
There is still time to be apart of it...

Put it on your calendars and enjoy two great productions!

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Summer Broadway Musical Camp

LOOK WHAT'S COMING TO ALL STARS ACTING ACADEMY THIS SUMMER for grades 2nd-5th!!! Register your actor starting February 1st. Space is limited! Broadway Musical Camp is going to be awesome. Don't miss out!

Poster for the 6-12th grade SUMMER MUSICAL THEATRE COMING SOON! Yes, there is one for you too!

Big image

ALL STARS Rock Academy


Buford Tannery Row Ale House on Sunday, February 28nd, 2016, at 5pm.

Take a look at this fun Promo video... do you recognize any of your friends?

Make plans to attend the Rock Academy recital and support your fellow ALL STARS.

This show is going to ROCK!


Shout Outs & Congratulations

Congratulations to Katie Koweleski! She was promoted to pointe! This is something that she has been working very hard for...she has inspired many younger dancers with her hard work and determination. We are so excited to see her performing in the recital!
She has done it again! Brianna Ebunola has been offered a dance scholarship to AMDA

We have always admired her talent, strength and passion as a dancer...and now so many others are seeing it too!

National Honors Society Dance Arts

The students involved in ALL STARS Chapter of NHSDA - are super excited about their upcoming event. An idea that was developed and evolved within the group, put together by the students themselves...
Saturday, February 21st will be an exciting day for many children in the foster care system here in our County. The ALL STARS dancers have partnered with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and have invited many of these children to come to the studio for free dance classes! What a great way to share their talents and bring the love of dance to others!

"Inspiration" Spring Recital Sponsorship Ads

Each year, for Recital, we put together a wonderful Program/Booklet to highlight each dancer and each class. (This is where we use the images taken at the photo sessions! Be there to make sure you are in the book!)
Our Recital Programs are a keepsake, that will be looked at again and again.

We are asking each dancer to sell 2 Sponsorship Ads. This is a great opportunity to highlight a local business, store, home-based business and independent sales.

Each person attending receives a program and turns out to be a great advertising tool.

Or, you can use it to send a special message to your dancer.

Please see previous Program Recitals at the studio for examples of how these Ads can be used. Forms will be available at the front desk and passed out in classes.

"Inspiration" Spring Recital Finale Performance

2016 Dance Concert Finale Participation

YES! This is the year we have a Grand Finale piece! Here is your chance to be a part of the magic. There is still time to sign up!!!! Deadline is February 15th

How to sign-up and what is required:

How: Visit the front desk or send an email to

What is required:

Fee: Yes; there is ANOTHER fee... $45. This is because of the costume. I will post the costume photos on the costume wall by the end of this week. :-)

Rehearsals: Yes; there are extra rehearsals to learn the dance, as follows:

K-2nd: Sat, Apr 23, 12-1pm & Sat, May 7, 9:30-11am

LM's (3rd-5th grade): Sat, Apr 23, Fri, Apr 29, 7:30-9:30pm, & Sat, May 7, 9:30-11am

Teens (6th-12th grade): Fri, Apr 22, 7:30-9:30pm, Sat, Apr 23, 3-5pm, Fri, May 29, 7:30-9:30pm, & Sat, May 7, 9:30-11am (Please note that there may be a need to add/change a teen rehearsal date, due to conflicts with NGHS Dancers' performance schedules)

Don't delay. There are limits to the number of dancers that can participate, and we are getting close to them.

"Inspiration" Spring Recital - Photo Sessions

Group Photos are Mandatory *** Individual Photos are Optional

These Photo sessions take place @ ALL STARS Studio and have been scheduled on select Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in March.

When looking up what time to show up for your photo shoot, pay attention to which one comes first...the GROUP or the INDIVIDUAL! And plan on arriving 10 minutes READY TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED before that first one.

The schedule for pictures is posted on the wall in the studio (on the wall between rooms 2 & 3). You will also receive reminder emails that your classes photo session is taking place that weekend with a reminder of what to wear.

EXCITING! This year again, YOU will be able to view, and order your own photos online. This will provide you with more options and more speed in getting the photos back. YES! This means you will have several pose options- all at your fingertips...

PLEASE NOTE: GROUP PHOTOS ARE MANDATORY. We want ALL students photographed with their class!
***Please confirm your individual photo appointment by replying to There is a $20 sitting fee per costume. With this sitting fee you will receive an equal value coupon to be used when ordering your photos online within 60 days--Please note, once the coupon expires, it cannot be used.


FAQ of the month - Competitions vs. Community Performances

Why don’t you participate in dance competitions?

Q: Why doesn't ALL STARS participate in dance competitions?

A: We believe that dance is a gift to enjoy and share. We would rather that our students learn the joy of performing and entertaining an audience through community events, festivals, and other positive venues. In addition, at ALL STARS we feel that our students support and encourage each other as they all try to become stronger dancers.

Q: Who gets to perform at these shows and how often?

A: Unlike other studios that only take their company members and advanced students to shows, ALL STARS takes all class levels and ages, from the 3 year olds, to the high level seniors. We believe every student in the class should participate and learn stage presence, confidence, and the joy of experiencing an audience delighting in their performance.

TUITION IS DUE... Late Fees charged after February 7th

Remind 101

The studio will use the Remind 101 service as a way of keeping parents up-to-date on performance reminders, changes to schedules and immediate important information. We will not use this service to replace emails or newsletters.

This is a free service that allows messages to be sent by the studio to your phone via text or to an email account.

Information on how to set this up on your phone or email will be at the front desk.

Family Businesses

Did you know we are now advertising YOUR businesses?

Check out the FAMILY BUSINESS section of our website! Many of our parents and families work their own businesses - sales, consultants, health & wellness.

Take a look at what our ALL STARS families have to offer!


as we make many attempts to advise you of upcoming events and performances, please remember it is the student and parent's responsibility to be aware of all ALL STARS activities, dates and events, such as performances, extra classes, and dates the studio is open or closed. ASPA will communicate all such notices via email, on the bulletin board inside the studio, the website and often through Facebook and monthly newsletters. Parents should check these mediums frequently to ensure they are informed.
Please remember to inform us of any email, phone number or address changes.