Family Across Generation Project

The Presentation

Part I: The Interview

For this part of the project, I interviewed three family members from various generations. Through the interview, I learned about the similarities and differences of the lives of my family members. I have asked a list of questions, that I will show below.

Question 1. What is your full name? Why did your parents select this name for you? Did you have a nickname?

Monalese: Monalese Harris nickame is currently Mona, her parents liked the old song called "Monalisa" by Nat King Cold which determined her name.

Kimisha: Kimisha Neely nickname growing up was Mimi, her mother wanted her name and her father name to be similar.

Nicole: Nicole Heaven Barnes her nickname still is Coliee, parents thought she was a blessing from heaven which they made Heaven her middle name.

Question 2. When and where were you born?

Monalese: Was born in April on the 2nd in 1955, in Chicago at Cook county hospital.

Kimisha: Was born in January on the 21st in 1976, at the University of Chicago hospital.

Nicole: Was born in February on the 12th in 2000, in Harvey, Illinois.

Question 3. How did you family come to live here?

Monalese: Family moved from the south, because of lack of jobs.

Kimisha: Grandmother moved from Arkansas to Illinois.

Nicole: Mother moved from Alabama to here Illinois, her father was already born and raised in Illinois.

Question 4: Was there other family members in the area? Who?

Monalese: Yes there was other family members in the area, aunts and grandmother.

Kimisha: Yes there was other family members in the area, uncles and cousins.

Nicole: Yes there was other family members in the area, her grandmother.

Question 5: What is your earliest childhood memory?

Monalese: As the family continued to grow we moved a lot.

Kimisha: Family bonding time.

Nicole: When I got my first jump rope that I found in my room.

Question 6: How many members did you have in your family growing up? Were you the oldest/youngest, only child, etc.

Monalese: Seven brothers and two sisters, I was the middle child.

Kimisha: Five brothers, and middle child.

Nicole: I had a few members growing up, I was the youngest child.

Question 7: Describe the personalities of your family members.

Monalese: Most members are very sensible, generous, spiritual.

Kimisha: Fun, loving, and supportive.

Nicole: Crazy, funny, annoying.

Question 8: What kind of household chores did you have at your home?

Monalese: Cook, clean, mop, and iron.

Kimisha: Wash dishes, keep bedroom clean.

Nicole: Wash dishes.

Question 9: What age did you get your first job? What did you do for that job?

Monalese: First job at the age of 13, summer job.

Kimisha: 16, sold tuxedos.

Nicole: Do not have a job.

Question 10: What was school like for you as a child? What were your best and worst subjects? Where did you attend grade school? High school? College?

Monalese: Did not like school as a child, best subject was English worst subject was math.

Kimisha: Enjoyed school as a child. best subject math I did not have a worst subject. The grade school I attended was Horace Mann, the high school I attended was Hyde Park, and the college I graduated from was Chicago State University.

Nicole: School was pretty good as a child, best subject math my worst subject was reading. The grade school i attended was Dirsken, and I'm currently attending Thornridge High School.

Question 11: Do you remember any fads from your youth? Popular hairstyles? Clothes?

Monalese: The fads were big natural, instead of bell bottoms, we had elephant legs pants, also short hot pants.

Kimisha: Air brush t-shirt, overall shorts.

Nicole: Microbraids.

Question 12: What are your thoughts/attitudes on the institution of marriage?

Monalese: I think marriage was ok back in the past 2 decades, because women depended on their husbands. But today times have changed, women are educated and make their own money.

Kimisha: It is a beautiful relationship created by God when shared by the right people.

Nicole: Postive thoughts, and my attitude towards it I would want to get married in the future.

Question 13: What did it mean to be a woman when you were growing up? Do you think that has changed?

Monalese: Men treated women with respect and pride, now women are called out of their names, and accepts it without respect.

Kimisha: That women are responsible and naturing, yes we have even greater responsibilities now and days.

Nicole: No response.

Question 14: What do you think of kids today?

Monalese: Out of control, no God in there lives, no value of life.

Kimisha: They lack direction, and respect.

Nicole: They rude and ignorant.

Question 15: What advice would you have for a high school age student today?

Monalese: Do your best, and then even more. Strive, do not give up keep trying.

Kimisha: Continue to stay focus, and put your best foot forward because choices you make today will effect your future.

Nicole: Do great, and stay on track.

Three Additional Questions I asked Monalese :)

16.Q: As a little girl did you have an active relationship with your father?

A: Somewhat, but not really.

17.Q: What number position are you in your family with your siblings?

A: Out of my two sisters, I was the middle child.

18.Q: If you could, would you ever go back to your 20's or 30's far as age?

A: Yes, I would if I could because I really enjoyed my life when I was those ages at the time.

Three additional questions I asked Kimisha :)

16.Q: What did you want to be when you was growing up?

A: A veterinarian, because I have a passion for animals.

17.Q: What did you do for fun as a teenager?

A: Play softball.

19.Q: How did you spend your summer vacation?

A: Hanging out with friends and family.

Three additional questions I asked Nicole :)

16.Q: Would you rather be a follower or leader?

A: I rather be a leader.

17.Q: Tell me about a time you failed?

A: A time when I failed would be I was slacking in school because I was not focus and my grades started going down.

18.Q: What role do you expect to have in 5 years?

A: Continuing my education therefore in five years I may be able to become a lawyer.

Final reflection on previous generation's answers to interview:

My final impression on the previous generations I interviewed is that each generation obviously is different in so many ways but in their own way, and over the years society has changed very much. The first generation I will speak on are the "Baby Boomer" which occurred during 1946 through 1964. As a group, they were the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to that time, and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time. The family member I interviewed for this particular generation is my aunt Monalese, and what I noticed about her was that she is a very hard worker and independent for example when it is too cold outside us kids that attend school complain about coming to school in really cold weather conditions but my aunt, she always say just wear layer of clothes, bundled up, and stop being lazy or in other words as Mr.Johnson would say stop being a wimp but my aunt always say how she had to overcome so many obstacles also figure problems out on her and that my generation we have everything easy so we are very lazy or some of us do not want to try to do anything we rather have it handed to us.