Scupltor (1386-1466)


  • Born in Florence, Italy, 1386
  • Died in December, 1466, in Florence, Italy
  • Became the apprentice of Lorenzo Ghiberti at the age of 17
  • Stayed in Italy to do most of his artwork
  • He was part of the Bardi family and was brought up in a more plebeian tradition
  • The age of 17 is also when he started sculpting
  • Went to Rome for some period of time with Brunelleschi
  • Was one of the best sculptors until Michelangelo
  • Never married and is believed to have no children
  • The main people who paid Donatello for his artwork were the medici family, but they also housed some of his artwork because he made some artwork for them
  • Used mainly bronze, stone, and wood in his sculptures

Artwork (sculptures)

  • David, made in 1408
  • St. Mark, finished between 1411-1413
  • St. John the Evangelist, completed in the 1415
  • Marzocco, made in 1418

The Marzocco

  • Created in the year 1418
  • Had a grand contrapuntal vigor put in the sculture with it
  • The thing that interests me the most is that it was made into two different forms
  • On this piece of artwork, Donatello actually used a different material called sandstone instead of what he would usually use