The Hate List

By: Jennifer Brown


The main characters are Valerie Leftman and Nick Levil. Valerie has people she just doesn't like. She came up with a thing called the Hate List which has all of the names of people she hates and people who make her life tough. Valerie and Nick met and then Nick soon became her boyfriend and he joined in on the Hate List.

One day on the bus Christy Bruter broke Valerie's MP3 player. When they got to school Val told Nick about this and he said he would "take care of it." In the school cafeteria at Gravin High School, Nick opened fire. He killed many people.

He shot a teacher, Mr. Kline, a husband and a father of 3 kids. He was then going to shoot Jessica Campbell but Valerie ran in front of Nick and told him to stop. He then pulled the trigger to hit Jessica but instead he hit Valerie in the thigh.


  • Valerie's mom's house- Is where Valerie spends most of her time
  • Valerie's dad's house- When her dad came and picked her up, she went here
  • Garvin High School- Where the shooting happened and where Student Council meetings are
  • Hospital- Where Valerie spent most of her time after the shooting
  • Cemetery - When Valerie went to go see Nick's grave
  • Dr. Hieler's office- A guy who Valerie talked to about things.


The protagonist in the book Hate List is Valerie Leftman. Valerie was a victim in the crime at Garvin High School.

The antagonist in book is Nick Levil. He causes Valerie not want to go to school and causes problems for her.

Other main characters in the book are Jessica Campbell, Ginny Baker, and Christy Bruter. Jessica is important to the story because Valerie saved her life and she helps Valerie get back on feet and do something in her life. Ginny is important because she was a victim in the shooting. Christy is important because she caused Valerie to make up the Hate List. And also she got shot.

Book Recommendations

Another book that Jennifer Brown has wrote is called Bitter End.

Some book recommendations are Willow by Julia Hoban and The List by Siobhan Vivian.

My personal recommendation:

Personal Recommendation

I thought the book was a very thoughtful story. It grabs the readers attention. I would recommend this book for kids who are at least 13 years old and adults. The reason why I don't recommend this book to younger kids is because there is some language in the book they shouldn't be reading. Also some younger kids wont understand or know some of the words. I even had to ask for what some words meant. The Hate List is a touching story because it talks about teenagers deaths and how it happened. It could touch people who have had this experience for had a child die at a young age.

Information about Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is a wife and a mother to 3 children. She was a two-time winner for the Erma Bombeck Global Humar Award in 2005. Jennifer grew up mostly in Kansas City area. Her second novel, Bitter End, won a Missouri Gateway Readers Award. At first in her career she always wanted to be a teacher.