The Challenge Difference

Important Updates-The End is Near

Mock Trial

Thank you so much for coming today. I appreciate all of you who came and helped!! I did not get all of my witness papers back however. I need them for my guide, and I had borrowed a few pages from Jakes guide as well that I need to return back to him.

Like I said at practice, next week the parents will be the lawyers and question the witnesses, so please be in contact with each other. If you need emails/phone numbers feel free to contact me. Please make sure your child is memorizing their roles.

Also, I was contacted by the lady heading up the challenge b mock trial. She is suggesting we meet with the Catawba Heights group and do a Mock Mock Trial b/c we will not be competing against them. Catawba Heights is in Belmont I believe so Im not sure how that would work logistically. Can you email me back your opinions on the matter? I am inclined to tell them that we aren't interested b/c of the travel required to meet and forging out a time for both groups to meet, but I really would like to know what you think. I will make it work if you think its a good idea.

Short stories

The final draft of short stories, and the cover page with black and white artwork are due Tuesday. They need to be emailed to me or saved to a flash drive. The stories I currently have I am working tonight/tomorrow on getting my feedback typed up. We read a couple of the stories today and they were fantastic. Your kids have great imagination.


Today after explaining lessons 22,23 &24 for the second time I assigned the kids a group project. I divided them into 3 groups......CJ & Elijah (L22)......Noah,Jake, and Andrew(L23).......and Maggie, Ally, and Annika(L24) and assigned a lesson that they are going to teach to the class next week. I am doing this to encourage participation b/c I really feel like they are checking out. I know we only have 4 more weeks but still a lot to learn. Please allow your child time to contact their partners to work on a plan.


I think every kid in class loved the chemistry assignments this week! They are working on memorizing the periodic table (first 18 elements), and their adopt an element project (due this Tuesday). They will be showing off their elements as part of the end of year ceremony on the 26th so I'm trying to encourage them to do a really good job.

Challenge 1 Director

It's official. Kisha Curtis is officially contracted as the Challenge 1 Director for 2016/17. She is planning a meet and greet soon (details to come as I know more), but I'm sure she will be glad to answer any questions you may have between now and then. She is going to be awesome, and a great transition for your kids!!

I'm sure there is more

I am sure there is more I am needing to tell/ask you but that is all my poor little brain is going to process for now. Hope you have a great week!