The Franks

By: Shane Cole

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The Story of Anne Frank

Born on June 12 1929, Anne Frank is one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust during World War II. Anne even has a museum in her name which many people go and also visit the Frank’s hiding spot in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Anne Frank was just thirteen when she got her diary, little did she know this would make everyone think twice about what really went on during the Holocaust. Anne’s diary impacted people all over the world and showed people the Jewish point of view.

Anne's Early Life

Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. She lived with her family in Amsterdam during the World War II. Anne’s family consisted of a father, mother and sister known as Otto, Edith and Margot. Anne began Montessori school which is characterized by freedom within limits, independence and respect for a child’s development in 1934. The rest of the 1930’s Anne got to live a normal happy childhood. Eventually things started getting tough for Jews which led them to flee Germany.

Anne's Life Before Going into Hiding

On June 12 1942, Anne received a diary for her 13th birthday which has since been turned into an auto-biography. In July 1942, Otto received a call up notice for Margot to relocate to a nearby camp which gave no choice but to go into hiding so that is just what they did. The morning of July 6th 1942, the Franks went into hiding, in a secret annex above the Opekta offices with the help of Otto’s previous workers which they helped the Franks get food and kept them updated on news.

Anne Frank’s life in hiding

The Van Pels end up joining the franks in the secret annex a little bit after. They all ended up living in the secret annex for over two years, not being able to go outside, just stuck in an annex with other people not being able to make a lot of noise and being in constant fear of getting caught. After an anonymous tip on August 4th 1944, the annex was found and everyone was taken.

Anne’s life in concentration camps

On August 5th they were all transferred to the House of Detention. The source of information to authorities was never identified even to this day. Later on they were all transferred to concentration camps where Anne, Margot and Edith all ended up dying. Otto lived through all the camps and he got out, as soon as he was out he was determined to find his family but later on he learned that all of them had sadly passed away. Otto ended up retrieving Anne’s diary and sharing her story which is how Anne became to be.