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OMS Families,

On Friday, we reflected on the growth of our students and formulated additional ways to support and enrich their development, particularly during our Target Time. Don't forget to join us for National Walk to School Day this Tuesday, 10/9. Click HERE to see where and when you can meet up with OMS staff to walk to school together. As you can see from this picture of last year's event, we had many families participate.

We hope you are enjoying the long weekend!

Becky & Erin

The Importance of Struggle

As parents, we often want to rush in to help when our children are struggling. For example, a novel math problem might be presented that draws on previously taught skills but requires students to use the skills in a new way. Did you know that a bit of struggling is actually a valuable part of the learning process? Click HERE to listen to Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, remind us that even when our children are struggling a bit, this is the very best time for their brain.

New Standards Based Report Card District Presentation

The District 25 report card is one piece of communication amongst the many ways we communicate with families. It is a descriptive tool designed to enhance teaching and learning. The report card was designed to meet the unique needs of District 25 with input of various stakeholder groups as well as current research. It is consistent and uses clearly defined terminology from kindergarten through fifth grade.

The below video was made for those who were not able to attend the parent nights held to inform parents about the new elementary report card.

Staff Shout-out - Mrs. Matray

This week, Abby, Sienna, and Beckett interview one of our new 1st grade teachers, Mrs. Matray.

Video of the Week - HOOT Lunch Activity
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