Mrs. Amburgey's Deputy Kindergarten Class

November 16th-20th

Focus Letters and Words

1) Identifying Letters and Sounds: Vv and Xx (consonants have one sound)

3) Spelling/Word Wall Words: it, an, on, white, Wednesday

4) Identifying and Writing Numbers: 11-20

Weekly Academic Assessments

Spelling and Sentence Pretest - Wednesday

Spelling and Sentence Final Test - Friday

Reading Comprehension Test - Friday

Math Test - Friday

*Counting Aloud Goal this grading Period: 1-60

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Mark Your Calendars!

Lunch money is due on Mondays. Money is accepted on any day.

  • Monday, November 23rd – Food donation for November service project due
  • Monday, November 23rd - PAWSITIVE Party 10:20 A.M.
  • Wednesday, November 25th - Friday, November 27th – Thanksgiving Holiday - No School
  • Monday, November 30th – P.T.O. Meeting @ 6:00 P.M. Come join us!
  • Friday, December 11th - Ornaments due for classroom tree (see Tree Fundraiser)
  • Saturday, December 5th - Madison Schools Parade in Madison time TBD and more news to come
  • Monday, December 14th - Classroom Tree Auction and School Christmas Program @ 6:00 P.M.
  • Friday, December 18th - Basketball and Cheerleading season ends
  • Friday, December 18th - Kindergarten Christmas Party and gift exchange in the afternoon. More information to come.
  • Monday, December 21st - Friday, January 4th - Winter Break - No School

Happy Birthday!

November - None

@ Lunch 10:45 A.M. in the cafeteria

Please send in any snacks for celebrations for your child to the cafeteria by 10:45 A.M. No drinks are needed. Thanks for making this day special for your child.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

If your child is having a birthday party at home and you would like to send invitations to the party, please send in enough invitations for the whole class (18 students).

November Service Learning Project

This project is a community project put together by our staff and families of Deputy Elementary School. Together, we collect needed food donations for needy families in our community. Deputy Kindergarten is proud to be a part of this Service Learning Project to help our community! If you would like to help, you or your child may bring any of the following items to school during the dates of November 9th-November 23rd and drop the items off in the classroom: Kindergarten: Non-refrigerated Pie Crust and/or Canned Pumpkin Pie Mix. Thank you for your kind donations as we teach the children about service to the community and helping others.

Upcoming Fundraiser, Christmas Tree Auction!

Our next fundraiser will be our class Christmas tree that is to be auctioned off during our Christmas program. The money raised by auctioning trees will go to PTO, which supports your child(ren) in each classroom with books, field trips, rewards, special activities, classroom supplies, and an archery club, for Deputy, etc. Deputy is having a Christmas Tree Auction the same night as our school Christmas Program on Monday, December 14th @ 6:00 P.M. Kindergarten's theme for the tree is "Down on the Farm" for our ornaments. These ornaments can be anything from tractors, vegetables, farmers, pitchforks, feedsack bows, etc. We are asking each parent to donate an ornament, garland, or tree topper for this event. Of course, the tree will need many ornaments with one garland and one tree topper. The tree will be setting outside our classroom door. As decorations are donated, they will be added to our tree. You may drop by and add it to our tree at anytime... even without interrupting class! If you have a question about this fundraiser or any donations that might be appropriate for our theme, or if we have received garland or a tree topper yet, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Classroom Reminders and Skills

  • Notice the change in our homework on Thursdays. We are now writing each Word Wall Word (weekly focus words) in a sentence in class, so practice at home will reinforce this skill. Please help your child by allowing him/her to create each sentence orally independently or with little assistance –keeping sentences short, if possible. You may write it down as (s)he dictates the sentence to you so that it may be copied in his or her handwriting. Soon, we will work on your child writing them at home on his or her own without your help. Counting the words in the sentence will help. Tips for assistance, if your child is already doing this -and several are in class- assist your child by helping him/her say each word slowly and “stretch-out” the sounds like stretching silly putty that are heard in each word and write each letter for that sound your child heard as (s)he said the word. The sentences do not have to be spelled phonemically correct. Example: Your child may write... I luv yu. Sentence spelled correctly reads: I love you. You child may write: Can yu wok ovr her? Sentence reads: Can you walk over here? The goals are to hear the sounds in each word and write the letter for that sound, which is the Hearing Sounds in Words standard; and to use correct sentence structure in creating a sentence and have it make sense.
  • The skill for this grading period is ­ending sounds. It is the last sound heard in a word. Say a word to your child. Ask your child to repeat it. Ask your child the last sound in the word/last sound heard. Have him/her give you the sound heard and then tell you the letter that makes the sound.
  • iPads are coming home again this week. You will have them on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with homework. Wifi is not needed to complete the homework. Always have your child plug in his or her iPad and make sure it is plugged in well before bed so it will be charged and ready to go at 100% by morning. Please remember to return charging cable and brick with iPad daily.
  • In November, your child will have a reading leveled book coming home for homework to practice reading at home. We are practicing our reading strategies and procedures for our stations in school now. In order to speed up the process for your child to grasp reading strategies, we are working on tracking words, using pictures to read and reading comprehension to begin with. Be sure to point to words and model a good reader (think as you read-talk the story out-ask questions-predict) as you read with your child daily.


Just a friendly reminder. Students are limited to 20 personal photos/videos. We are finding that students do not have adequate space to carry out the daily school assignments due to the amount of personal photos/videos on their devices.

Thank you for working with us on this issue.

Come Join Us in PTO!

Next PTO meeting is scheduled for today, Monday, November 30th at 6:00 P.M. Come join us! You can enter and have a chance to win a door prize just for attending. We would love to have you as an active member. See you then!

Food Service Account

Please keep your child’s food service account up to date. Negative balances for your child’s account are discouraged.