Goddess of Marriage

Hera's Known for..

The queen of heaven, the wife of Zeus, Goddess of Marriage or in Roman Mythology the Goddess Juno (JOO-noh). The Romans named a month in Hera's honor, June- considered the most favorable time of the year for weddings.

Family Backround

Hera's family backround

Hera is the daughter of Titans Cronus and Rhea. Hera was swallowed by Cronus after birth, also her siblings Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, and Hestia. Hera's mother, Rhea managed to save Hera's youngest brother Zeus from being swallowed. Later on Zeus managed to save his brothers and sisters by giving Titans a potion to regurgitate them up. Zeus and his brothers then defeated Titans and divided the universe between themselves leaving nothing for their sisters, that made Hera mad.

Marriage of Hera and Zeus

Hera married Zeus and they had Ares (the God of War),Hebe ( Goddess of pardons or Forgiveness), and Ilithyia ( Eileithyia) Goddess of Childbirth and Labour pains. Alone Hera had Hephaestus(God of Fire). During their marriage Zeus would go around the world seducing other women, Zeus's unfaithfulness made Hera insanely jealous. Hera would go around the world punishing Zeus's lovers and their children they had together. Hera especially went for Zeus and Alcmena (Alk-MEE-nuh) son Hercules, Hera punished Hercules throughout his live, at birth Hera sent two snakes to kill Hercules.

Hera's Symbols

Hera's beautiful eyes are why she is linked to the sacred cow. This symbolizes Hera's nurturing watchfulness over her subjects. The peacock symbolizes her luxury, beauty, and immortality.

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