The big fire in the Carmel

by: shaked ben ishay


On Thursday December 2, 2010 the fire station in Haifa was notified about a big fire in the forest Osafia. firefighters were called to fight the flames.

The fire spread because the strong winds and low humidity.

Roads were closed-off, many people left their homes and prisoners from near by prison were taken to asafe place.

400 firefighters fought the flames.

During the fire a bus whit 40 travelers, 2 police cars, 2 privet cars, and team of firefighters were trapped in the fire. only 6 people survivied.

The fire continues to spread.

Prime-minister Netanyahu asked countries for assistance and many countries volunteered to help.


on Monday December 6, the fire had died out.

the fire lasted 4 days, 44 people died and many people were left homeless.

שרון זריהן בשיר "חבר יקר" מתוך תמונות אסון הכרמל......
The big fire on Mount Carmel En