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Volume I Issue 1 January 11, 2019

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Welcome to Our First Issue

Since the beginning of Sparrows Point High School in 1908, students have produced a variety of publications covering school events and other topics related to school life. Within the last decade, The Pointer newspaper went from a print medium to an online format. Unfortunately, it ceased to exist six years ago when the journalism elective failed to attract enough students.

This year Ms. Christie White and Mr. David Taylor decided the school had gone far too long without a student news publication and offered the program as an after-school club.

So far, Taylor Roberts-Dishon, Skylar Dishon, Emily Hirsch, and Madison Johnson have been the cadre of journalists helping to revive the journalism tradition at SPHS. Other students-- Dana Badders, Jessica Smith, Susan Demski, and Ava Johnson--have become contributing writers since the beginning of the planning of this new publication.

Point Line is the school-sponsored, online publishing forum serving all SPHS clubs, teams and other student organizations. It is also a forum for publishing student writing produced in the various classes. Students, coaches, club sponsors, and teachers are encouraged to submit student-written announcements, articles, essays, and commentaries to Point Line via email to Mr. Taylor at dtaylor@bcps.org or to Ms. White at cwhite8@bcps.org.

Point Line is not a forum for disparaging the school, its students, or the professionals who work here.

Any students interested in joining the publishing effort are encouraged to attend the weekly after-school meetings on Tuesdays in Room 113.

2020 Ring Ceremony

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Entire FBLA Team Places in Top Ten in Regional Competition

By Nicole Auvil

The SPHS chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) made a competitive showing when they traveled to Hereford High School for the Region 2 Regional Leadership Conference on January 7.

FBLA co-sponsor Ms. Deborah Vaughan was pleased with the Pointers' efforts. "Our students demonstrated professional conduct and good sportsmanship throughout the conference," she said.

"I am thrilled to announce to you that very single member of the SPHS team placed within the top ten in their event," she said.

At the leadership conference, students competed against teams from all over Baltimore County and Baltimore City and Calvert Hall High School in a wide variety of events.

Students also attended three career-oriented workshops presented by members of the business community and various colleges. At an awards ceremony, participants found out whether they advanced to the State Leadership Conference.

This conference proved to be especially competitive since each event had 15-20 contestants.

All members of the SPHS team placed within the top ten in their events. The following individuals and teams beat out fierce competition and became eligible to compete at the Maryland FBLA State Leadership Conference in April.

Paige Fales won first place in the Spreadsheet Applications event with Nicole Auvil placing second.

The team of Madison Contino, Aimee Fendlay, Morgan Levee and Samantha Vetri earned second place in Parliamentary Procedures.

Gabrielle Pete took third place in Business Ethics.

Fifth place was awarded to Elizabeth Dernoga for Economics, to Christopher Schaefer for Accounting, and to the team of Hailey Burkman, Jesse Smith, and Brooke Toporzycki for Sports and Entertainment Management.

Madison Martell placed seventh out of 16 in Business Calculations, Noah Reagle placed sixth out of ten in Financial Math, and Stephen West placed ninth out of 15 in Business Calculations.

Second-Year Head Coach Sexton Takes Team to Sixth State Championship

By Taylor Roberts-Dishon

"It's surreal. The fact that no other soccer team in Maryland has achieved this is what makes the honor even more prestigious." Head Coach Lori Sexton explains how she feels about the Pointers winning six consecutive State Championship titles.

Something that had never happened before in the state of Maryland was six consecutive state championships. The Pointers defeated the Smithsburg Leopards 4-2 at Loyola Maryland's Ridley Athletic Complex.

This was a perfect way to end a perfect season. The record for this season was 16-0. This was the second time in four years having a perfect season. In addition to having a perfect season, the Pointers were also able to win the Baltimore County Championship.

While the Pointers' excellent playing made it seem like a fairly easy season, they had some struggles along the way with the weather not always cooperating with them. "Lots of rain led to poor field conditions and having to share the turf," said Sexton.

Besides the weather another difficulty was a psychological challenge. The expectations of the continued dynasty hung over their heads. "Let fate play its cards," said Sexton, conceding that the thought of the dynasty was always in the back of her head.

The whole team contributed to the successful season.

The impressive offense was led by three girls--Juliana Lynch, Kalli Bell and Jasmine Pinter. Lynch was the leading scorer with 17 goals and 12 assists. Bell had 13 goals and 5 assists, and Pinter had 12 goals and 3 assists.

The strong standing defensive side of the team led the Pointers to 12 shutouts with the help of Jaddah Foos, the goalie. Foos let up only seven goals the entire season.

Preparation for a successful season involves various factors. The individual physical skills are developed through outside-school club teams as well as school practices. While at school practices Sexton and her assistant coach Adam Lynch work to help the girls play together as a team. "We set high goals in the beginning of the season," she said.

Most Underrated Team at SPHS

By Jessica Smith

Sparrows Point is known for many different things, but the boys’ basketball team is normally not one of them. The overall skill and teamwork of the team has improved drastically over the past two years.

In the 2016-2017 school year, the boys' varsity team had a record of 0-21. The following school year, 2017-2018, major changes were made regarding coaching. Marc Klein became the head coach, and Rick Glover became the assistant coach. Since they began coaching, there has been a very clear difference in the boys’ game play. It is obvious to anyone watching that the team has improved. The final record of the 2017-2018 season was 2-19. Although that was not a very big difference, it was a step in the right direction.

Currently, the record in 2018-2019 is 1-4 with roughly 14-16 games left. The players estimate at least 4 more wins before the end of the season. Based off these statistics, it is estimated that the record would continue to improve over the next few years.

Digging Deeper into the Dumpster

By Dana Badders

Have you ever thought of wearing trash in your everyday clothing style? Have you ever pictured trash in the form of dresses, hats, scarves, and belts? When you think of trash, many people see banana peels and rotten eggs. Some creative students at Sparrows Point High school see an opportunity to make fashionable art.

Friday, November 16, Sparrows Point hosted a Trashy Fashion Show, and this year the theme was based off styles of the 1900s. This is where students design outfits out of various pieces of trash and recycled items, such as trash bags and straws, along with plastic and cardboard items. This year's show went off with a bang due to the amazing work of each designer and model.

Though this is specifically centered around Sparrows Point High School, other middle and elementary schools such as Edgemere Elementary and Sparrows Point Middle School were involved. There were many creative minds when designing clothes for this event. The show really helped these students to express their talents and to find new, hidden talents they never thought they had.

In any fashion show, there are judges and obviously winners selected by these judges. In first place, earning the Golden Scissors Award, was Jasmine Mourning, and in second place was Madison Previti. Both were distinguished for their beautifully designed and modeled dresses. Earning the Trash Queen Award was Isis Bold, and the Trash King went to Nicholas Carl. Both were recognized for the huge amount of time and effort they put into the making of these outfits for the show.

Madison Previti reflected on what the experience meant to her. “Trashy Fashion made me realize what I was capable of and how well Emilee (her partner in making the dress) and I work together.” Previti's experience reflects a common one among participants. This event gives the students an opportunity become closer with friends and unleash their artistic qualities.

Sparrows Point’s Trashy Fashion Show brings students together and promotes the title of being a lighthouse school. By allowing them to express their abilities in the art field, it gives them confidence in doing more in their future. In continuing to host the Trashy Fashion Show, Sparrows Point helps students to indulge in their art skills and creativity in a school that is known for science.

S.P.E.C.I.E.S. Animals Enliven the Classroom

By Susan Demski

Sparrows Point High is known for its fantastic environmental science program, or S.P.E.C.I.E.S. The program's array of hands-on experiences isn't just in our backyard--it’s also in our classrooms. Teachers including Ms. Jennifer Bodis, Ms. Krissy Bohrman, Ms. Diana Allen, and even social studies teacher Mr. T.J. Hundley have been keeping animals in their classrooms for students to observe, learn from and care for.

A wide variety of animals are kept at the school--from reptiles like leopard geckos, bearded dragons, crested geckos and turtles, to fish, to small mammals like guinea pigs, hamsters and mice.

Ms. Allen, who teaches earth systems and zoology, asked students in the beginning of the year to bring in animals for a yearlong project in which students would be taking care of the animals and observing and documenting their growth.

Ms. Bodis explained why she keeps animals in the classroom. “The animals are here for educational purpose. We use them during our 'Reptiles and Amphibians' unit. Second, the kids enjoy having the animals. They help the kids relax. And because I love animals and enjoy them.”

Player's Perspective: Girls' JV Basketball

By Ava Johnson

I am very proud to be a part of the Sparrows Point 2018-2019 girls' junior varsity basketball team. We have played two games so far, we still have a lot of games to play and some room for improvement. We have three captains: Ava Johnson (freshman), Jayda Robinson (sophomore), and Jermeria Smith (sophomore).

Our first game was a home opener against Chesapeake High School. We played very well together overall. We won, 38-12.

Our second game was hosted by the Towson High Generals. We had a different mindset going into this game. A majority of the players believed we were going to lose by a blowout. We put a fight up the entire game. After trailing 21-12 at half, we held them to scoring only 13 points the rest of the game. The final score was 34-28.

Going into this game we had a week of hard practice to make sure we gave them a fight. Even if we walked out with a loss, we would know we still did our best.

Coach Brian Cooper was proud of our hard work, we never gave up. We have a very hardworking team, blending well together. I believe that is why we play so well together on the court.

We still have a lot in store for us as a team, but I know we will work hard to get to where we want to be. I am happy to be able to share this season with such a good group of girls.

Upcoming Events

1/16/2019 Girls' lacrosse interest meeting

1/21/2019 All schools and offices closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/25/2019 Second quarter ends

1/31/2019 Varsity wrestling senior night

2/07/2019 Report card distribution

2/14/2019 Variety show

2/18/2019 All schools and offices closed Presidents Day

2/22/2019 Winter formal

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