A Wolf Named Romeo

The theory behind a wolf that broke the rules of the wild


This wolf acted like no other, he put himself in danger for... well we don't know that yet. What we do know is that this wolf acted like no other in the world, he had no fear of humans and I want to find out why.
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There still is some reasons that people think Romeo acts this way. For one a wolf, likely Romeo's mate was hit and killed by a taxi. She was pregnant. Most believe that this was Romeo's mate. This also brings up another fact that wolves are known to morn the death of a loved one for weeks. His supposed "mate" was killed not to far from the outskirts of Juno which is were Romeo lived. This shows that maybe the reason why Romeo stayed in that area is because he was hoping his mate would come to him if he did not know that she was dead.
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Romeo was known for playing with dogs of all shape, size, and color. But why and how. I believe that the reason for that is because he had the Alpha spirit in him. Wolves do not do good alone, it is not just finding food but wolves have an incredibly strong need for a pack. And in Alaska there is not many wolves. The only concision to that is that he need company so he found dogs. Dogs are all wolves but breed for are needs. It makes sense that he would want to be "friends" with them. But as you can see in all pictures of him the dogs are submitting to the wolf. I believe that Romeo wanted to make sure that he was alpha so that he would technically have a "pack".
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We might never know what this wolf was thinking. All we do know is that he was an inspiration for thousands of people around America.
Credit goes to "A Wolf Named Romeo" By Nick Jans