100m Dash

By: Emily H

The run

The 100m dash is the fastest type of sprint based activity in the Olympics. The dash shows the fastest sprinters in the world.

My data between the years and the runners

Scatter Plot

The square dots represent the male competitors and the Xs are the female competitors.

The Linear Regression (Lines of Best Fit)

Each line represents the trend for the male and female Olympic gold medalist times. Red represents the female trend line and blue represents the male.
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At a Crossroads

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Crossroads paragraph

This lines show where both the male and the women times were the same in that Olympic games year. The intercept was when there was not such thing as the Olympic Games. I predict that the men will always be faster than women. By the men's constist rate of there improvement shows that the men will always faster than the women. The women will never catch up to the men.

The X Coordinate

The x coordinate is the years of the Olympic games that the 100m dash was there.

The Y Coordinate

The Y Coordinate is the time of the runners in the Olympic event.
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