The Stevens Selection

April 29, 2016

Be Connected to our Classroom!

Kutz Dairy Farm Field Trip

Our field trip to Kutz Dairy Farm is this Wednesday, May 4th. We will be attending this field trip rain or shine. Please have your child dress for the weather and wear outside shoes/boots.

Artist in Residence

On Monday we kick off our new Artist in Residence with a musician named Chesney Snow. He will be using the skill of beat boxing to help the students create stories with sound. We will have an assembly to start this exciting program on Monday morning!

Forward Exam is Almost Over!

This is the final week of Forward Exam testing. Our students will complete the Social Studies section of the test on Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Thank you for making sure your child is well prepared by...

  • Help them get a good night sleep before the testing day
  • Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of
  • Encourage them to try their best

We will be testing the following dates:

  • May 3rd - Social Studies Part 1
  • May 5th - Social Studies Part 2

This Week...

Everyday Math

This week we began our FINAL unit of the Everyday Math curriculum. In this combined unit we will be focusing on developing these skills:

  • Making estimates when measuring
  • US Customary System conversions
  • Metric System conversions


This week students began creating an iMovie with their science groups that will inform people about crayfish structures and behavior.


Writer's Workshop

In writing students have begun their new writing project where they are able to create an invention. This week we focused on identifying a problem and then creating an invention based off that problem.

**Ask your child...what invention did you create?

Reader's Workshop

In reading we have been analyzing different inventions that kids have created. We have looked at many silly and practical inventions so far.

**Ask your child...what has been your favorite invention so far?

Important Dates to Remember

May 2nd - April 20/20 Calendars Due

May 3rd - Forward Exam Social Studies

May 4th - Kutz Dairy Farm Field Trip

May 5th - Forward Exam Social Studies

May 6th - Noon Dismissal