People Who Have Persevered

By Niko Vourtsis


In this Newsletter, are 3 people and there triumphs, success, and perseverance and on how they gained success all through there life. Tom Monaghan, John Mautner and Sir Winston Churchill. In this newsletter it shows how they succeeded and mained a big impact on our lifes today.

Rolling Dough To Rolling In Dough - (Cause And Effect)

In rolling dough to rolling in dough, Tom Monaghan tries to make a successful business and decided to make a pizzeria called Dominos, he keeps trying to achieve his goal and make successful but one of the adversities he faced during the process that has affected or impacted the world during this time would be when he lost Domino's due to debt and it was sold to government, they decided Domino's had no future achievements so they gave it back to Tom very luckily, he turned it into one of the most popular pizzerias in our time.
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The Sweet Smell Of Success - (Problem And Solution)

In the story the sweet smell of success, John Mautner tries to make a successful concession stand for amusement parks and just like the last story, they want to succeed and get business, but he faced many adversities on the way and one that i think he overcame the most was when Orlando stopped replying to him for him concession stand to be in there park so he just went ahead and organized a meeting with the vice president and brought his concession stand in for them, he overcame this adversities because it turns out they loved is snacks and regretted ignoring him. Now he makes millions a year.

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Sir Winston Churchill Biography - ( Chronological Order)

In the Sir Winston Churchill biography, Winston Churchill has had many adversities in his lifetime. but he has overcame every single one of them but one of the most important one was when everytime he lost a spot in politics or government. He kept trying and eventually even started to do more with his life. Although he did go into depression he later leaded great britain and eventually retired after that. his life was back and forth but the main thing about this was that he overcame every single adversity he had until his death.
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They all showed perseverance even when times got bad and didnt stop trying if they didnt succeed, And at the end they always ended up achieving something that they have been trying to get almost all of there life that made an impact on us for recognizing it.
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Venn Diagram - " The Noble Experiment" and Jackie Robinson Greatness"

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Description - an advsersiy Jackie Robinson faced

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