Winter Break Information

I hope that you are ready to jump into your final exams! As the semester winds down, and we all prepare for the Winter Break, I wanted to share with you some information regarding the upcoming closing, and what is expected as you prepare to leave Temple for break.

What YOU Need to Know!

The residence halls close on Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00 PM. This date is very important, and please make sure that travel plans are made to accommodate that time. If you have any questions regarding your departure, please make sure to speak with your RD as soon as possible.

As you pack up for break, please take time to make sure to leave your room in good condition. Residential Life staff will be conducting walkthroughs of each room, and any Student Conduct Code violations will be addressed accordingly. You may remember how you left your room for Fall Break. The only addition is that we ask that you unplug everything in your room for the duration of Winter Break. As a reminder:

o Empty all of your trash

o Close and lock all windows

o Blinds/Curtains should be closed

o Lights are out

o ALL perishable items need to be removed or disposed of

o Any valuable items should be brought home

o Unplug all items, except full-size refrigerators

Before you officially leave, please ensure that you inform your RA that you are leaving for break. Good luck on finals!