Poverty & It's Problems

McKenna Pavelock

Poverty is a growing problem in the U.S. and practically anywhere & everywhere. It is making living difficult for people who struggle daily because they are in poverty. 46 million people live in poverty in the U.S.

Who lives in poverty?

All types of people live in poverty; families with children, single parents, children, lone people. It can happen to anyone, unemployment, illnesses, family separation, are the main reasons people go into poverty.

When does poverty occur? Poverty occurs all the time, you can go from being stable one second to living on the streets the next.

What does it mean to live in poverty?

The U.S. defines poverty as not having the basic amount of money for standard living. You don't have the proper shelter, clothing, or food for you or your family. Poverty looks like people who lack the basic necessities in life.


White - 41.5%

Black - 25.4%

Asian - 4.3%

Hispanic - 28.6%

Poverty exists everywhere, you can go to a shelter or a home to ask for assistance & try to get back on your feet & stable again.

Why do we need to be aware? How do we solve it?

We need to be aware because poverty is a growing problem & something needs to be done about it. We can try to create more jobs or have more charities for the needy.