CLP Weekly Memo

Week of December 14 to December 18

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

12-14 2nd Grade Swimming
12-15 CIC Meeting
12-15 CLP Christmas Party at Mi Cocina 6:00
12-18 Sing-Along at 8:15 Christmas Parties
12-18 Early Release

Upcoming Dates

12-21 to 1-1 Christmas Holidays
1-4 Campus Professional Learning - Kagan
1-5 Campus Professional Learning (AM) Campus Workday (PM)
1-6 Students return to school
1-7 Report Cards go home
1-11 to 1-15 Writing Benchmark Window
1-11 Chick-Fil-A Night
1-11 Leo the Lion Assembly (2:00) this is to promote the 21 Day Snack Challenge
1-18 MLK Day Holiday, No School
1-25 DEIC Meeting

Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • The elves are BACK!!!! Starting today (at any time) you're going to find 3 little troublemakers in the building. There is really NO TELLING what they will be doing. If you find one, take a picture of him and text the picture to me and Laura. Prizes are awaiting in the office!!!!
  • January is School Board Appreciation Month. We would like to write letters to our board members to show our appreciation for all that they do for our school district. If this is something you would like to do next week feel free to do so!
  • Jennifer Givens is working on the baskets for your student families. She will let you know updates on this ASAP.
  • Teachers, please pick up students from the cafeteria and gym promptly at 7:45. The schedule for our staff helping out in the mornings starts right at 7:45. Thank you for your help!!!

  • Christmas Party!!! Our staff Christmas Party will be on Tuesday, December 15th at Mi Cocina in Rockwall. The party will start at 6:00. You got an RSVP in your box. Please turn in that and your $10 to Tammy Jones. We will need that turned in my Monday. If paying the $10 is the reason you cannot attend, please come talk to me and we can work out something.
  • Lunch Counts: Please turn these in to Laura for the early release day by Wednesday of this week.

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!!

  • Becki Hensel, Heather Caldwell, Kimberly McGovern, Veronica Murphey, Jennifer Givens, Laura Mejia: Thank you SO MUCH for spending your morning talking about our campus with Phil Warrick. It was a GREAT conversation with GREAT ideas for moving forward on this journey of learning. From: Jill Baird
  • Jennifer Givens: For organizing SO MANY things for our families in need over the holidays. From: Jill Baird
  • Thank you to Joanna Alvarez, Michelle Foster, Carrie Hartsell, and Jennifer Givens for hanging the Leader in Me chain in the cafeteria. It looks amazing! From: Veronica Murphey

  • Thanks to Gabby Brown for helping me gather resources and even contacting another campus to borrow materials! From: Gayle Kidd

Jill's Corner

Happy Monday Cullins Friends!

Sorry for the lateness of the newsletter today. As you all know this week is a busy one and the kids are so very excited!!!! Channel their energy in to learning great things and send them off Friday with a love for learning that continues through their break!!!

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!


'Tis the Season at CLP!!!!!

Monday, Dec. 14th
Please enjoy lovely treats from the Dessert Cart!

Tuesday, Dec. 15th
When it’s freezing outside, and too cold to blink,
Come to the lounge and get a nice, hot drink!
We’ll have cider, hot chocolate and even strong coffee,
For all our dear staff here at CLP!
Hot Drink Bar in the lounge!

Wednesday, Dec. 16th
Please provide a family in need from your grade level with a gift basket of goodies!

Thursday, Dec. 17th
Crafting and learning can make such a mess!
Having fun with the kiddos we expect nothing less!
You each get a day to leave right after dismissal!
Go home to relax and hang up more thistle!
As soon as all students are accounted for after dismissal you may leave for the day!

Friday, Dec. 18th
We’ll be as cute as we can be,
When we all wear our brand new CLP tee!
A new CLP tee for everyone!