How My Family Came To Canada

My family

My family came from scotland in 1971 they moved to canada for a better life, home and jobs.

When They Came From Scottland

They landed in Toronto in 1971. My great-grandma was very nervous about living here. My great-grandpa kept reassuring her that life here would be better. They then travelled to Stratford where the Savlation Army helped them locate work and a home. They had next to nothing with them. My great uncle Alex got really sick when he came here and they were very afraid he'd die.

Where from

They came from northren Scotland. A fishing town called Kirkcaldy. My great-grandparents moved there together when they got married. My great grandpa Alexander worked in a coal mine. My great grandma Jean worked in many small jobs. They had my grandma Jean in 1957 and her brother Alex in 1959.


My great grandma and grandpa came over with my great uncle and my grandma on a plane and landed in Toronto.

Why did they come to Canada?

They came for a better life. The great depression left Scotland very poor and the war made if far worse. They wanted a better life for their children and themselves. They new there was jobs here and better health care.

Were there any problems or hard ships here?

The first major event was my great uncle getting sick. Soon after my grandma and her brother started school and they noticed that they were treated very differently. The children teased them about their accents and the way they dressed. My grandma decided to drop her accent and learn to talk like a "Canadian." It was hard for them as teenagers.

What jobs did they do in the first years they were here?

My great-grandpa worked as a farm hand on a farm just outside of Stratford. Then a few years later they got jobs at the factory Reliance Electric on the line.
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