Great Day For Netiquette!

What to say!

Netiquette is a very important topic because it has to do with staying safe online. Like for example if you say something like “why r u so stupid” and you don’t put something like “JK” or a smiley face “:)”, or “LOL”, they will take it wrong and get mad at you. ALWAYS follow the rules for netiquette

How you act offline; you should act the same way online

Rules For Netiquette.....

1) Always spell check, you never know if something got changed on what you are writing

2) NEVER use all caps unless you put a “LOL” “JK” or a smiley face at the end or they might take it the wrong way and think you are yelling

3) Always act like you would in real life as you would online ask yourself “would I normally say this” “Would I write this”

4) Good netiquette prohibits posting insults about others or responding to insults

5) refrain from sending unsolicited messages, sales messages are spam

6) Protect your online self by sending a small amount of large worded messages and not sending a bunch of messages with not any quality to them

7) It’s better to send images during the day and early evening

8) Use appropriate websites when you are sending or forwarding them

4B netiquette with Clicky and the Netsmartz Kids