Elephant Rides

The Biggest Trend For Celebrities!! (Taste)

Elephant Rides Are In!

Elephant rides are becoming very popular, Some of the newest and biggest celebrities have been seen riding elephants all over! It's the newest trend for everyone.

Changing Prices!!! (Related Goods)

Camel Prices Have Just Increased!

Camel rides have just increased for the second time!! The more it increases the less people demand to ride them. The result of this is leading to an icrease in demand for elephant rides!

Prices Are Going Down! (expectation)

Earlier this week we announced that elephant ride prices are going to decrease by half next month. After announcing this we noticed a big drop in the demand for elephant rides right now.

Population Boost In Africa! (population)

There was a huge population swell of 250,000 in Africa recently which caused for a huge increase in demand for elephant rides.

Lower Incomes

Businesses are decreasing the amount they pay their employees and the government is raising taxes. The demand for elephant rides are decreasing because people can't afford the luxury.