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Technology Integration Info for Teachers

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February 5th - Google Apps for Education Training

You may have noticed that Chapel Hill has been using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) lately to increase communication and streamline processes. On February 5th, we will participate in a GAFE training designed to enable us all to use these Google tools. During the session, we will do the following and more:

  • Log in to your Google apps account
  • Create a Google form
  • Create a Google doc
  • Convert a Word document to a Google doc
  • Access and view CHA's school calendar
  • Create a Google Classroom and navigate through the features.

We will need our laptops for this session so let's all plan accordingly. Mrs. Carpenter will be sending out an agenda at a later date. So be on the lookout for that.

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NoRedInk -- Finally, a Computer-based Resource for Grammar

There are many computer resources available for mathematics but the options for grammar practice are virtually nonexistent. NoRedInk is a web-based program designed to help students improve their grammar and writing skills. As a teacher, you're able to set up a class and add students. If you want to jump right in, you can assign topics such as identifying parts of speech and subject-verb agreement. Should you prefer a more systematic approach, you can assign students a diagnostic test to get an understanding of their current grammar knowledge before giving them assignments. With a free account, there is plenty for students to do so sign up for an account and take NoRedInk for a spin.

Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Williamson's been Flipcharting and Activoting

Mrs. Williamson has been making interactive flipcharts for her first graders and is really happy with the results. She's found that flipcharts help streamline her lesson and allow the students to be active participants in the lesson. She's also started using Activotes to make her flipcharts and lessons even more interactive. So if you're interested in learning more about how to use flipcharts and activotes in an effective way, check in with Mrs. Williamson and see what she's up to.