Evolution Video Game

Learn All About Nintendo,Xbox, and PlayStation and More

Do you play video games such as Halo on Xbox, Mario on Wii U, or Infamous on PlayStation 4? Well this is what it is about Nintendo, Microsoft's Xbox, and Sony's PlayStation. This is research on video game evolution from the 1970's to the 21st century.


Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Originally a toy company Nintendo started to make video game consoles. These first consoles had pixel black screen but have been upgraded over the years. The mid 1980's got color pixel action. In 2000, they made effective or good to sell 3D products. Until then Nintendo made Game and Watch consoles or G&M until 1984. They made the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) good products included NES2 Super NES GameBoy and others. In 2000 their rates went up because of the DSi the DS lite and the Wii. In 2013 they made the recent consoles Wii U and the 3DS and the New 3DS XL.


Founder of PlayStation is Ken Kutaragi PlayStation the First one was made in 1994 which sold Millions. in 2000 the PS2 came in stock more were sold than the first PlayStation. In 2006 the PS3 was released 155 million were sold by Sony who even made a portable PlayStation or PSP. With great graphics and millions of consoles sold the PS4 made an outraging impact selling more than Nintendo. With rated E games as well as M who knows what is next.


People consider Xbox and PlayStation rivals but everybody loved Microsoft's Xbox. Founded by Bill Gates himself. Sold in North America in 2001 Xbox sold 1 million on the first week with games such as Halo and Burnout. In 2003 13 million were sold worldwide. In 2005 Microsoft released Xbox 360. Xbox live got 50 million downloads. By 2012 more than 100 million consoles were sold worldwide. In 2013 Microsoft made the famous XBOX ONE 14.28 million were sold in North America March 2015.

DLC ( Downloadable Content)

Downloadable Content was a way for greedy businessmen to make profit off of board people some people would get far in a game or beat the game and then get board after.The businessmen made DLC to get people to buy more content on the games. Some of the content can cost as little as 99 cents to 100$.Though its price is high 15 million downloads have been sold. Not everyone is impressed with their movement but it's just money to them.


Although all of the companies have had great success these companies have had downfall or could not keep up. Sega kept trying to expand its franchise. Sega Genisis did save Sega slightly but not by enough. Sega now only makes games but not consoles. The Nintendo Company made the Virtual Boy which sold well until side effects and seizures. It was put off market. The famous up down left right B A Start code by Atari was a mistakes.


If you lived in the 1970's of digital content on one game such as PAC-MAN. PAC-MAN is an all time favorite since the 1970's. Pixels, a movie, has PAC-MAN and the creator too in the movie. PAC-MAN isn't the only arcade favorite. Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong are favorites as well. Donkey Kong is a strategy game. A big ape throws down barrels and you must dodge them and save Pauline. Super Mario has Mario running and jumping on monsters to save a princess. There are many more fan favorites and more arcade games.

In conclusion all of the history in video games includes more to solve. All in all the amount of work these people put into a small screen can make a big difference in the world of entertainment .

This article was by : Devin Johnson