Champagne Castle (Darkensberg)

What a wonderful mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location, Geography, and Climate

The location of this mountain is in South Africa in has rocky hills and mountains that rise from sparsely populated scrub land is very dry and gets more so, as it shades in the North- West.It can be icy in the winter.The Temperate range is 8.7.The Darkensbergmountains (28-30 20's 27-29).
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Four Steps in Order to Survive

Have a shelter or build and make sure you have food.Burn fat for heat and food.Make sure you have energy.Have water and lots of shelter.
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Animal LIfe

The Mountains Pipit is endemic to high peaks of the Darkensberg, while six other species (the bush blackcap, Darkensberg rockjumper, yellow breasted pipit.The Rain Forrest Frog and Leopard.

Plant Life

Watonsia Confusa is the plant of Darkensberg mountain.Botanise along the world famous Sani pass.Abundant birdlife including ground Woodpecker & Blue crane.