Hard work does pay off!

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There is excitement in the air, she has now become the youngest member of the national team. Her journey took great persurverence and hard work. Alex Morgan is the hardest working soccer player , and she was determined to reach her goal.

Alex was fourteen years old when she started playing organized soccer. When she got to high school she took her team to the champion of her years, and in college she did the same. In fact she also tied for third in the most goals scored at her college. All through college and high scool Alex made all A's and was one of the top students in her class.

In Alex's senior year of college she was recruted as the first overall pick for the national team. She missed numerous college games to play with the national team. Alex made the national team at the age of twenty-five, and she became the youngest member of the national team.

Alex's determination helped her to reach her goal of becoming a proffesinal soccer player, This led her to be known to small potions of people but, when she competed with the team in the 2012 olympics helping her team beet Japan in front of the biggest crowd in olympic history. She became known all over the world. She won her first olympic medal there and it happened to be gold.

She was the star player of the national team during the olympics. After losing to Japan in the world cup beating them in the Olympics was a big deal and she was apart of doing that . Alex Morgan is loved by many of her team mates for being such a great new addition to the team.

She has inspired so many people to never stop fighting to reach the goals that have been set , and to always do the best of your ability Alex Morgan has proved that anything is possible when your determined. She has changed the game of soccer for many around the world.


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