Georgia's Wild Trip to the Store

By: Georgia

Georgia's Grape May-ham

While Georgia was at the store she bought a bag of grapes.

When she got home she ate 17 grapes then she counted

them up to see how much she had left. When she finished

counting she realized she had 39 left. How many did she have

before she ate any?

Georgia's Berry Bad Fight

Georgia and her brother were arguing about who got the Blue Berry's. When she thought of a brilliant idea. She split the up equally, then they both had 21 berry's. How many berry's were there before she split them up.
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Georgia's Cookie Issue

If 1 box of cookies costs $1.15, how many boxes can she buy with $5.75?
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Georgia's Orange Bag

After paying $5.00 for a bag of oranges Georgia has no more than $27.00 left. How much money did Georgia have before she bought the salad?
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