Andrew Jackson:

A Monster or a Hero? By: Larissa Franco

Political Cartoon: The Great White Father

This political cartoon is portraying Andrew Jackson as a father to the Native American Tribes. The portrayal of Jackson as a bigger man looks to show that he was better than the Native Americans due to race. This cartoon represents that Andrew Jackson believed that he was responsible for the Native Americans and that they were his children, meaning that the Natives were dependent on Jackson.

Cherokee letter

Andrew Jackson is a monster to our tribe. He took away everything we loved and cared for. He took away our beautiful land where everything was perfect and forced us to move to where his troops instructed to with disrespect. We lost our homes and were forced to walk all the way to Oklahoma where Jackson and his troops told us even better land awaited us. But little did we know that the trail to the new land was going to be terrible and the new land was going to be nothing compared to our old beautiful land.

Factory worker letter

Andrew Jackson is a hero. Without him, we wouldn't be able to vote, that is us common poor white men. Andrew Jackson is a very nice man, he's much more approachable, and a kind of man we need to represent our country. A big thing he did to help us poor white common men was putting tariffs on imported goods. This helped us gain more money for factory workers including me and many of my friends. Jackson knows the struggle of being poor and how difficult it is to put food on your table, and what he is doing is helping out a lot of people just like me.