Currituck Sound

Nature lovers play ground

currituck sound location

    Thirty miles N-S and 3–8 miles wide, this shallow, island-filled sound is separated from the ocean by the Currituck Banks Peninsula (formerly Bodie Island), part of the Outer Banks. On the NE, it extends to Back Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia. with connections to the black water creek, north landing river and tulles bay.

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why are estuaries important?

Thousands of species of birds, mammals, fish, and other wildlife depend on estuarine habitats as places to live, feed, and reproduce. And many marine organisms, including most commercially-important species of fish, depend on estuaries at some point during their development. the currituck estuary is home to a list of plants like the American holly plant, Arrow arum plant and Arrow‐head plant. and animals as well such as the Brown water snake,

Fence lizard, and the Eastern mud turtle.

what problems are the Currituck sound facing?

Natural connections are closed between the sound and the ocean, through inlets, which has resulted in changes in both salinity and water quality. Vast marshes and submerged grasses supporting fisheries and other wildlife have eroded away.