Pink Floyd

By Gaven Farrell

The band of five.

PInk Floyd is famous in the musical world because of how they played and the way the inspierd people.
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This is the only picter of all five of the band mebers.


Pink Floyd was made in 1964 when they met in school Londen. They became a band over there love for mucie adn made there frist song in 1972.

Musical Accomplishment

Pink floyd has a lot os awerds like top canadian album, top rock album, the billboard 200, and top Digital album and lots more.
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This is the platnum recerd and they got this for there Dark Side of the Moon.


PInk Floyd made a lot a albums like The Dark Side of the Moon, The Endless River, The Division Bell, and The wall.
push this to hear one of there songs.

The song is i wish you were here.

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This quote is from a song called just a noter brik in the wall.


Pink Floyd my be dead but there spiret and mucie will be with us forever.