The Brinx Chronicles

By Sabrina Leary June 9, 2015

Fredrico Comes to town

Fredrico, the local giraffe for Little Compton, has come back. The most amazing thing about him is his hobby: eating grass. We never see that around here. Never cows and other farm animals eating grass. Farm animals eat phones, duh. So when Fredrico came back, everyone was overjoyed. We just can't wait to meet Fredrico in person(or in giraffe, whatever)!
World's Weirdest - Giraffe Drool
Fredrico enjoys himself as we follow him around the world

Grumpy Cat Update

From Keeping up with Grumpy Cat

As you all know, Grumpy Cat is the hottest, most amazing celebrate ever. Many of you are asking, Where is Grumpy Cat currently? What is his personalty? We don't care. We will tell you everything we know. His currently in our hometown, Little Compton!

To keep up with Grumpy Cat

see us next week!


Tomorrow (aka June 10)

Fandom Afternoon

Wednesday, June 10th, 3:15pm

28 Commons

Little Compton, RI

Calling all fangirls! This is your chance to show us you fandom. We will have time to read your favorite books (duh) but you can also show us how passionate you are for your fandom with stations for each one. Bring your books and come join us!

June 11


Thursday, June 11th, 5pm

134 West 26th Street

New York, NY

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The Evil Turtle Strikes Again


The Evil Turtle is up and at it again. Mr. Evil Turtle is an evil, scheming, and patient beast that could strike at any moment. We had thought that he was gone for good, but for some reason, we were wrong. His current position is unknown, so we must be on the lookout.

He was last seen near Little Compton, RI. The Brinx on 13 news channel saw him and had a news report on it. They specified on one of his unfortunate victims and how he did it. He is slow, but he is patient. Where will he strike next?


Brinx on 13 News Report

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