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Week of January 11th, 2016

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Fundraising for Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa VI - Raffle Tickets

The Raffle Fundraising plan is here. It will help us pay for the cost of Đại Hội and help members meet their monetary demands to participate in ĐHVĐH-VI. See details in the flyer above or click on the Raffle Tickets link below for more details.

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Về Đất Hứa Contests - Deadline January 31st, 2016


  1. Registration & Promotional Video Contest: The Promotional Video Contest deadline is now extended to Jan 31st, 2016! We are happy to hear that some Regions and Chapters are having fun in the making of VĐH6! Fast way to earn some cash, fast way to bond and have fun among your TNTT family, so don't pass this chance! Participate and give yourself, your Chapter a chance to win some cash!
  2. The Kinh Huynh Trưởng Video Contest: The deadline for this contest is also Jan 31st, 2016! We are excited that some Regions and Chapters are working hard on this project! Remember, the song to use is "Kinh Huynh Trưởng"!

View our contest rules and guidelines --->


Reasons why you should register early:

1) A Guaranteed Spot. There’s nothing worse than planning on attending this special event and realizing you’ve missed out. When organizers say there’s a limited space, they mean there’s a limited space.

2) Discounts. BTC VĐH offers lower registration fees for people willing to sign up early. Get in as early as you can to save the most money.

3) A Little Extra Motivation. With a confirmed registration, you’ll set your mind to bring your best for Coming to the Promised Land VI and motivate your "wantameetHT" to join you.

4) Stress Relief. Especially if you’re heading to another city or even country to attend VĐH, an early registration will give you plenty of time to sort out logistics. Finding a cheap air ticket can be a struggle if you don't set your mind and plan ahead.

Make sure to follow the VĐH guidelines below and register your TNTT Membership on prior to the VĐH Registration. Have questions about it? Check out the FAQ! You can also contact Ban Thành Viên via email or a representative of each Region in the Committee.

Your presence will make VĐH VI MORE SPECIAL!!!

The Registration as of Friday 1/08/16

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Press this button to access VỀ ĐẤT HỨA Website.

Check out our mobile-friendly Về Đất Hứa website for the highlight, FAQ and competitions. Deadlines are quickly approaching in just over one month. Contests are open to all official Youth-Leaders and Chaplain Assistants: Registration and Promotional Video Contest (deadline: January 20, 2016) and the Huynh Trưởng Ca Video Contest (deadline: January 31, 2016)!!

Share us #VDH6 #Christlivesinme. See you there!!!

Preliminary Về Đất Hứa Program

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Weekly Gospel Lesson

Delay in Lessons Booklet Distribution

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay, we were unable to distribute the Gospel Lessons Booklets to all chapters by this week as planned. However, the lessons are now online. You may click on the button below for Weekly Gospel lessons.

The Booklet will be submitted to the printing shop this weekend and are expected to be done and shipped to all chapters in the next two weeks.

We sincerely apologize for any delays and thank you for your patience.

Weekly Gospel Lessons

Press this button to view the Weekly Gospel Lessons

Newly added Training Camps for this Summer - Sa Mạc Cấp 1 và 2 Ngành Ấu tại Miền Tây

Cấp 1

CI 0212 Xuất Hành 54 Jul 14-17 2016 King City, CA MTY SMT Nguyễn Hữu Long Biên SMP Phạm Thiên Anh BTC Tr. Đinh Nguyệt

CI 0213 Xuất Hành 56 Jun 9-12 2016 Denver, CO MTY SMT Nguyễn Hữu Long Biên SMP Phạm Thiên Anh BTC Tr. Đinh Nguyệt

Cấp 2 Ấu

2A 226 Xuất Hành 55 Jul 14-17 2016 King City, CA MTY SMT Đinh Kim Nguyệt SMP Đỗ Ngọc Hưng BTC Tr. Đinh Nguyệt

2A 227 Xuất Hành 57 Jun 9-12 2016 Denver, CO MTY SMT Đinh Kim Nguyệt SMP Đỗ Ngọc Hưng BTC Tr. Đinh Nguyệt


Mar 10th

Sa Mạc Dấn Thân 14 - HLHT Cấp 1 - Houston, TX | Contact: Tr. Đặng Ánh Tuyết

Apr 8th

Về Đất Hứa 20 - HLHT Cấp 1 - Arcadia, CA | Contact: Tr. Phạm Mạnh Cương, LĐRK

Apr 9th

Fundraising Dinner/Tiệc Gây Quỹ tại Miền Đông Bắc - Boston

Apr 22nd

Sa Mạc Giôsuê 2 - HLHT Cấp 1 & Sa Mạc Lửa Thiêng 45 - HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu

Sa Mạc Trợ Tá Samaritanô 58 - Phoenix, AZ | Contact: Tr. Đào Đức Khánh

Jun 1st

Sa Mạc Tiberia 8 - Huấn Luyện Huynh Trưởng Cấp III - Goshen, MA

Jun 30th

Đại Hội Về Đất Hứa 6 - Coming to the Promised Land VI

Jul 22nd

Lửa Thiêng 46 - HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Thiếu - San Diego, CA | Contact: Tr. Đào Đức Khánh, MTN

Aug 18th

Damas 17 - HLHT Cấp 1 - Delevan, NY | Contact: Tr. Trần Sam, MĐB

Damas 18 - HLHT Cấp 2 Ngành Ấu - Delevan, NY | Contact: Tr. Trần Sam, MĐB

Sep 1st

Sa Mạc Tiberia 9 - Huấn Luyện Huynh Trưởng Cấp III - Miền Nam

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