The Passion of Dolssa

Book Report By: Sasha Echevarria

About the Book/Author

The author of The Passion of Dolssa, Julie Berry, has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal and Edgar Award for Best Young Adult. The Passion of Dolssa was originally published in April of 2016, and because it is relatively new, it has not yet earned many awards.

Significant Quotes

  1. "My beloved, pouring his presence over me, consumed me with his love."-This line is stated by Dolssa, and she is explaining her relationship with God. I think this is a vital part of the story because her deep and personal connection with God is what gets her in the situation that she is in.
  2. "This city if full of inquisitors, combing though the people for hidden heresies. To preach on the street is to arouse their alarm."-This line in the book is important to the story because it hows that what Dolssa is doing is considered taboo. Most importantly, she proceeds to continue speaking about Christ knowing the consequences she could face.
  3. "I speak more elsewhere," she said, "when I have the ears of people capable of listening."-Dolssa stating this challenges the church and its entire profession because she hints a sense of spiritual immaturity in the leaders of the church. Although leaders of the church are said to be closest to God, Dolssa makes it clear that they are serving the Lord in the wrong way.

Main Conflict/ Important Points/Resolution

The main conflict in this story is Dolssa's attempt to explain her way of serving Christ should be acceptable. Also, convincing the common good that a personal relationship with God is acceptable was a huge conflict because the church continued to force the people under their power. I think the most important point is convincing people a personal relationship with God is adequate, because it sets the basis the rebellion against the church. The conclusion of the book in general is quite foggy, and the outcomes of many characters are not explained entirely.

Details That Make the Story Interesting

Dolssa's relationship with Christ: I think Berry's representation of Dolssa's relationship with Christ is a fresh way of comprehending Christianity.
Betrayal of Dolssa: I find it incredibly significant the amount of betrayal between the people Dolssa preached to and Dolssa. By betraying Dolssa, these people believed they were doing right by the church, yet in reality they were also betraying God by knowing Dolssa was not in the wrong.

Botille's loyalty to Dolssa: The friendship that was created between Dolssa and Botille was truly inspiring and showed the humble and loving part of human nature by the risks Botille faced for the security of Dolssa.

History Revealed In the Book


Overall, The Passion of Dolssa is a truly inspiring book that successfully portrays the conflict of rebelling against the church in the 11th century. A refreshing take on religion and friendship is especially displayed through the characters in the novel.