Team Pawluck

June 2014

Team Stats

Team Sales:

Team Parties:

Welcome to Team Pawluck in June:
Dana Whitman (Sponsor Christine Kelly)
Christine Tingley (Sponsor Lynette Stoddard)
Rebecca Bourassa (Sponsor Jessica Wiegand)

Start Swell Earners in June:
Jennifer Bush
Jessica Speth
Jessica Watkins
Tanya Moser

Top Sales:
Christine Kelly $2396.50 4 Parties

$1000+ PV:
Julie Pawluck $1573.00 3 parties
Glenna Tennant $1422.00 2 Parties
Dawn Voglino $1053.00 1 party

$500+ PV:
Jennifer Bush $985.00 1 party
Jessica Watkins $887.00 3 parties
Jessica Wiegand $864.00 2 parties
Stephanie Gow $763.00 1 party
Tanya Moser $647.00 2 parties
Amber Traver $636.00 2 parties
Tanya Morgan $616.00 1 party
Chequetta Roberts $612.00 2 parties
Lynette Stoddard $606.00 1 party
Jessica Speth $603.00 1 party
Terri Sinnott $580.00 1 party
Erin Walsh $565.00 1 party

Also Partying in June:
Sandie Bisignani $409.00 1 party
Jennifer Pittsman $407.00 2 parties
Donna Sayre $403.00 $1 parties
Mandy Maxian $322.00 1 party
Lorie Ameika $247.00 1 party
Lisa Wright $214.00 1 party
Sarah Welch $211.00 1 party
Danielle Skibber $205.00 1 party
Pattiann Trichilo $120.00
Bridget Sawka $80.00
Dana Whitman $53.00
Diane Argust $10.00

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