John Quincy Adams

By: Alex Hood

Biography (I)

born: July 11, 1767 in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts
died: February 23 1848
father: John Adams
mother: Abagail Adams
Wife: Louissa Johnson
Children: George, John, Charles, Louissa
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Biography II (career before presidency)

Minister to Netherlands, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Britain
Massachusetts state senate
secretary of state to James Monroe

Biography III

Supported: Internal improvements, high tariffs, federal support for arts and sciences, restricted land sales to slow movement west, reduced national debt, national bank.
He faced opposition from a hostile congress and the state's rights faction. Also Andrew Jackson spent all four years campaigning against him.
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Biography IV

After he was defeated when running for a second term, he went back to work as a congressman. He was in the House of Representatives. He spent a lot of time opposing slavery and was considered the leader of the anti-slavery movement in congress.

3 accomplishments

  1. "tariff of abominations" to protect manufacturing.
  2. he tried supporting many things even though he knew he would be opposed by congress
  3. help support arts and sciences

3 failures

  1. "tariff of abominations" hurt the south
  2. couldn't accomplish much of anything
  3. stifled westward expansion
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was not ever very popular. He was opposed by the south, the state's rights faction, the supporters of Andrew Jackson, the congress, and anyone wanting to move west. He lost his attempt for reelection by a large margin.

Members of Cabinet

Secretary of state: Henry Clay
Secretary of Treasury: Richard Rush
Secretary of War: James Barbour, Peter B. Porter
Attorney General: William Wirt
Secretary of Navy: Samuel L. Southard


I think he would be able to lead today if he faced less opposition. His only problem was that almost everyone opposed him and everything he wanted to accomplish. However he was a great diplomat and was skilled at dealing with foreign countries and negotiating treaties. Those skills would definitely help him in today's society because the world is now so interconnected.