Water Pollution

Our Water Should be Clean!

Polluted Water

Polluted water is a big problem world wide. It affects our oceans, rivers, and bays. Not only does it affect water sources it affects the way we live our life. What would you do if you saw garbage washed up on the shore, plastic bags, empty water bottles, and wrappers? We need to clean up our water so that we can enjoy our beaches, lakes, rivers, and streams and keep our wildlife safe.
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Water Pollution and Wildlife

Water is the source of life for humans and animals too. Many species of fish and other mammals live in the waters. This water pollution is causing animals to move out of their environment and later die. This happens when the animals realize that there is no food and they are forced out of their habitats. Water pollution is affecting the animals food supply. Have you ever noticed the seagulls at the beach swooping down and grabbing fish? Well, what if a seagull swoops down and grabs a toothbrush or a cigarette lighter and eats it? This is how water pollution kills wildlife
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Water Pollution and People

Not only does water pollution affect animals, it affects our health too. Water pollution can make you very sick and sometimes kill you. Over 790,000 people this year have died from diseases caused by water pollution. Some diseases caused by water pollution are cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Lets say you go into the water at the beach. You go under a wave and then swallow some water, you don't know what could be in that water, all sorts of germs. Even if you don't go under the water it could still seep into your pores and infect you. In some countries their water is so polluted that you cannot even see the water. One example is The Citarum River in Indonesia.

Water Pollution Near Us

New Jersey is known for it's great beaches and shore life. The Jersey shore helps to attract thousands of tourists each year. They come to swim in our oceans and play in our sand...but they might not want to swim at these beaches. http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/14/07/27/the-list-ten-worst-new-jersey-beaches-for-water-pollution/

What can I do?

We can all do our part to keep our waters clean. Here are a few things I would do. I will be responsible for picking up all my garbage wherever I am, especially when I'm at the beach. Hopefully, if people see me picking up my garbage they will remember to do it themselves. A second option is a poster campaign. I would place the posters in beach towns reminding visitors to pick up after themselves and keep our beaches clean. My third idea is to form a Community Clean-up club to clean-up the local beaches or reservoirs near by. For example: we could spend a day at the Manasquan Reservoir or any local beach cleaning up the area. These ideas will help to keep our waters safe for drinking and playing!
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