Extreme Freestyle Motocross

By:Josh Guzman

What is Extreme Freestyle Motocross.

Extreme Freestyle Motocross is where you do tricks in the air. You can compete against other people and the judges will judge you. You will win medals and get 1st 2nd or 3rd. You will ride and go as fast as you can and once you get to the ramp you will do a trick in the air the medals will be based on your skill of the trick the height and how hard the trick is. Motocross bikes are similar to motorcycles but they are meant for dirt and mud but not paved roads or race tracks. motocross racing started in Europe in the 1920's. in North America people started racing motocross bikes 1940's and 1950's.Freestyle Motocross began in the mid 1990's.Some motocross racers began doing tricks after they fell behind during a race. Most of the first motocross tricks came from bicycle motocross (BMX) riders. Later motocross riders invented there own tricks. In 1998 the first large freestyle event took place in Las Vegas Nevada riders combined jumps with tricks.
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Why Motocross is interesting to me

Motocross racing is really fun I like to ride dirt bikes myself. They go really fast and if you want you can make up your own trick in the air if you want and call it what ever you want. And then you can keep practicing that trick till you get real good at it then you could show all your friends and tell them that you made that trick yourself. I don't really like to compete because I just like to ride for fun and go up the hills and at least try to do a trick. If i can't I keep trying to do it and get good at it.
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