The Disaster of Chernobyl

It was April 26 1986 when it happened.

Chernobyl,Ukraine was a town built for families of workers who worked at a nuclear plant. Which was used to build nuclear weapons for the Cold War between U.S and Soviet Union .A nuclear explosion occurred which left dangerously high level of radiation for a 30 km radius which if it touched the ocean it wold have been ten times more dangerous.
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The Feelings of the Chernobyl Explosion. 😱 😥

It was tragic it left people in tears.Many normal people are now worried if it may happen where they live.that Tragedy made all the other countries be more cautious and some even wonder is it worth it to have a nuclear power plant.What makes it even worse is that the radiation is so bad it won't be livable for another twenty-five thousand years.Here is some art that was inspired by the explosion.

😡 How human mistakes made the nuclear power plant explode!

The crew was concerned that if the nuclear plant lost power it would be useless so they were trying to change it from electricity to diesel but there was a lag that little lag made it explode.We are the reason it exploded of we could have gotten along this wouldn't have happened.At that time Soviet Union was having a Cold War with the U.S. ,our thirst for being more advanced put the explosion into place.

What's sad about what Ukrain Authorities did.

At first the Ukraine Authorities was trying to hide the chernobyl explosion ipeven from the Soviet Union who they were with at the time.The residents of ukrain didn't know until it started to rain acid.some countries have high radiation in a section of their country but so they don't have to spend money they pretend it's not contaminated.

But someone did do good swedes were nice honest folk who made the Ukrain authorities tell the truth.

It wasn't just people who were effected animals were too.