Positive and Negative Image

The media can influence a sense of worth in looks alone

Most of the time, the Media's influence has a negative effect on body image and easily promotes eating disorders

However, there are some things that do promote a more healthy lifestyle

TV shows often promote a more realistic show of body image and eating habits. (Pictured above)

Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place is often shown stuffing her face and not caring about what she looks like to others. This can show teens that not everything is about their looks it promotes a more positive and realistic image of how teens normally act.

Examples of negative promotion:

More examples of positive promotion:

Cooking Magazines and shows are a good example promoting a healthy lifestyle as well.

In most magazines and TV shows that are based around cooking, good, healthy food with decent portions are promoted. People love to eat, especially teenagers, and these outlets are something that embraces that. It allows for kids to realize that you can eat decent and be healthy too.

Children's Health Magazines

A health magazine designed for a child's health also promotes a healthy lifestyle. It encourages kids to eat healthy and stay active which is what should happen for their growing bodies.