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Term 1 Who We are

Unit 1

Current Unit: Who we are


Summary Subject Focus: English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Art, Chinese Language, ICT, Music, EAL.


Year: PYP3


Start Date: Week 1 September


Transdisciplinary Theme:


Who we are


An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.


Central Idea


Choices of role models reflect the beliefs and values of individuals and societies.


Lines of Inquiry


· What determines our beliefs and values.

· How and why role models are chosen.

· Influence of role models on our choices.




Welcome back to learning欢迎回到学习中来

So far we have been easing into our return to school. We have been setting up our environment to ensure that we have all the appropriate behaviours we need to encourage us to be successful learners. We prepared a booklet in which we discussed the reasons rules are important and what types of rules we have for the different areas of our life.
We have talked about what it means to be a student in an IB (International Baccalaureate) school and what are the different levels within such an education system. We are part of the PYP ( Primary Years Program) and we must follow the guidelines for our learning to be successful in the future.We have had several group discussions with regard to our first unit of inquiry. We will be inquiring into our choice of role models and what are the characteristics of a positive role model.The children are working on aspects of life such as beliefs and values, recognizing the importance they have in our lives and taking part in group debates about how the world would be without good values.


We enjoyed carrying out a survey in the other PYP classrooms of the reasons we are happy to be back to school.We are using this as part of our data handling learning outcome in mathematics. We will prepare a bar graph to show the results to this question. We are also working on word problems and modelling addition and subtraction of whole numbers.

我们喜欢在PYP教室进行另一项调查是,我们十分开心回到学校的原因是什么。在数学教学我们使用的是数学学习数据处理结果的一部分。我们将准备一个条形图显示这个问题的结果。 我们也致力于应用题和造型整数的加减法。

To continue to improve our English language skills we are proof reading sentences whilst building story structures.We are discussing what is a story and how it is put together.We are identifying the differences between a sentence and a phrase. We will write our own story and illustrate it to show our understanding.


A little about Ms Carmen 关于

I was born in Lima, Peru a lovely country in South America where I started my Education career at a a national university getting my Education Degree. I spent 5 years working as a teacher in my home city and then decided to go to another one getting involved in the IB world. I have worked as a home-room teacher for almost 17 years, ruled the low primary department for three years in between.


I have a master degree in Neurophysiology from Academic Centre of Villanueva, Complutense University - Spain. I am also part of an international organization called CISV which works with kids around the world. As leader and trainer I lead summer camps aimed to develop kids’ knowledge and commitment in our four pillars: Human Rights, Diversity, Conflict and Resolution, and Sustainable Development.


I have a daughter who is seventeen years old. She is finishing the school in Peru and coming to China very soon. I am very happy for being part of this wonderful human group CAIS and to learn from everyone. I am sure that working together we will be able to accomplish our goal….. to get kids successful and conscious of their role in their learning process.


A little about Ms. Marie关于

Teaching is my second career as I lived for 10 years overseas working in the hotel management sector. My husband and I lived in Turkey for 5 years where we had our daughter who is in PYP1 at CAIS. This will be our third year in China. While here I have completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and currently I am pursuing a Masters in Education from The University of Nottingham.


As an educator, I believe it is my role to guide children towards becoming independent, creative, free thinking individuals. I aspire to design a classroom environment where children feel safe and cared for and where each child’s learning style is attended to. My hope is to instill in the children a lifelong love of learning, just as it has been instilled in me by the educators who have been and who still are a part of my learning and teaching experiences. I am still finding my way around the classroom and look forward to improving my abilities as a teacher.


Communication with CAIS与长春美国国际学校的沟通

Communication with CAIS will be through the following options:
1. Your child's communication book
2. The school phone number
3. Home-room teacher's email address


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