DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 4

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Show emotion that matches the story :)

All the books from Read To Them capture a range of emotions over the course of the story. When reading aloud, mirroring the emotions felt by the characters will make the story more meaningful to you as a listener.

Chapter 4: One the Job, Day One

In Chapter 4, Gavin starts his part time job. We are introduced to Carlotta and how she responds to being with Gavin every day. We also see some challenges that Gavin must face every day afterschool.

Chapter 4: Vocabulary Terms

  • moseys (pg 39) - to wander without speed
  • rhinestone (pg 39) - a fake gem
  • dilly-dallying (pg 39) - fooling around and wasting time
  • mutt (pg 40) - a mixed-breed dog
  • stealthily (pg 40) - in a secretive way
  • vigorous (pg 40) - strong, full of energy
  • pirouettes (pg 41) - spins or turns as in ballet
  • retractable (pg 42) - able to be drawn back in
  • disdain (pg 48) - feeling of superiority
  • ferocious (pg 53) - savagely fierce
  • butcher (pg 52) - a person whose job is cutting up and selling meat
  • enticing (pg 53) - tempting

Chapter 4: Trivia Questions

  1. Why did Aunt Myrtle give Gavin a plastic bag?
  2. Why was it hard for Gavin to read Aunt Myrtle's instructions?
  3. What were Aunt Myrtle's three rules for walking Carlotta?
  4. What is Gavin's favorite after school snack?
  5. What does Harper call Carlotta?

Chapter 4: Discussion Questions

  1. Gavin is very intimidated by Darnell, Gregory, and Harper. Are you intimidated by older kids?
  2. Why does Gavin feel as though he "can't win" (pg 54) with his Aunt?

Family Activity: Favorite After School Snack

Do you have a favorite after school snack? Gavin's favorite after school snack is wheat crackers with grape jelly.

Develop a recipe for your own favorite snack. Include ingredients and steps to make the snack. Enjoy after school!


Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
Big picture

"We understand. You can't help it if you love your little Pommermanic!" (pg 50) Harper says when he is bullying Gavin about the dog he is walking.