Cultures and Traditions

Chapter 3

My Families Cultures and Traditions

1. Football on Thanksgiving- Lions vs. Packers

2. Michigan and Michigan state game- Watch it every year.

3. Michigan and Ohio state game- Watch it every year.

4. Celebrate Christmas, Easter, ect- Celebrate many of the religious holidays

5. Celebrate Thanksgiving with most of the family- Almost everyone comes to our house.

6. Open up presents from brothers and sisters on Christmas eve- We each buy gifts for each other. (mostly funny ones)

7. Get presents for Birthday- We pick out our own gifts or we get money.

8. When we turn 16 parents buy us new cars

9. Christmas dinner with the family- Everyone comes to celebrate christmas at our house.

10. Military- Most of the males in my family have gone into the service.

Japanese Cultures and Traditions

1. Very proud of their seasons

2. Bow instead of shaking hands

3. Family is very important

4. Do not want to dishonor the family or the family name.

5. Having a formal tea requires a ceremony minimum 20 min.

6. Celebrates Buddah's birthday.

7. Having houses with triangle shaped roofs.

8. Very superstitious

9. Believe in many gods

10. Build shrines for gods and for prayer.

What I Will Implement in My life

I will implement military service in my life as well as my family. Also I will allow my children to do what ever they want after high school. Finally I will make my kids do sports or some other extra curricular activity.

Chapter 3 Definitions That Relate

Beliefs- We as a family believe in a strong family bond to better ourselves and always have someone or something to fall back on.

Values- My parents try to teach us good vales so we end up doing well throughout our lives.

Symbols- We set up a Christmas tree to represent that Christmas is almost here.