Florida Cession

Marisa, Torri, Leo

Territory Acquired and Year

The Florida cession territory was acquired in 1819. The Florida cession territory was claimed by Andrew Jackson and was gained by England. The people who were involved in the Florida cession purchase were hunters and gatherers and United States military forces that were sent to invade florida and they were led by General George Matthews.

People Involved

Andrew Jackson
Juan Ponce de León
William Pope Duval
John Quincy Adams (He negotiated the treaty)

Who was the territory gained from

The territory was gained from Spain in 1819 by Andrew Jackson because he payed them 5 million dollars.

Overall impact of acquisition

In 1822 Florida became an official part of the u.s.. In 1845 Florida was admitted into the union as a slave state.

Additional Information

Florida was first discovered in 1513 by Juan Ponce de León who claimed the land as a possession of Spain.

William Pope Duval became the first official governor of Florida territory.