By: Milyn Ross

Remember the Titans

In 1971 in the state of Virginia two schools desegregated to make T.C Williams high school. Which meant they also had to immigrate sports. The original plan was to give the assistant coaching job to a black man to the name of Coach Herman Boone. Then the board decided to fire the original Coach Bill Yoast and they completely gave it to Coach Boone. However Coach Boone offered Coach Yoast a job as his assistant. For Coach Yoast it was too disgraceful to work under a black man so he refused. After this happened all of the white players got really upset and refused to play unless Coach Yoast was there coach. Coach Yoast knew if they didn't play this season their future would be ruined. Not wanting to do that to his players Coach Yoast took the job and by the time he did, it was time to do football camp. The first weeks were brutal and they were nowhere near to being a team. During camp Gerry was confronted by Julius. After finding out about the mistreatment of some of his African American teammates.

The next practice when Gerry's "white buddies" let Rev. get tackled and he flipped out. He shouted out" What was that Ray whatever is it ain't blocking."

"Give me a break." responded Ray.

"Wanna break I'll give you a break. If Julius gets to Rev. just one time by the time you come to, your gonna need a new hair cut." Gerry says as he chuckles. That is when Julius gained respect for Gerry because he saw he actually cared about every player. That is when they really became a team. When camp ended pretty much everyone were friends, but the community still wasn't. When they returned no one wanted to be friends with the other race. Fights broke out every other minute at the school and it was up to the team to keep things calm. On their first game Coach Boone found out the board didn't think he would make it out of camp. If he lost a game he would be fired. However even after he found the news he kept faith in his team and he told them it's OK if they lose because they didn't actually became a team. However that doesn't wasn't hard because it was. It was hard because no one else in the league had mixed their teams.They won every game like this, together. Tragic stroke right before the big championship game. Gerry got in a car crash and was paralyzed from the waist down.When the big game came around it was hard for the whole team without both of their leaders there. When halftime came around Coach Boone was telling the team that it's ok that they aren't playing their best because of what happened recently. However Julius argued that it wasn't OK because they had been a perfect team until now and he would like to keep it perfect. Throughout out the whole season Coach Yoast was being looked at for the coaching hall of fame. The judges told him they are paying the referee to throw the game. After being flagged after every play Coach Yoast got upset. He called the referee on his scam and he didn't even care that he would be disqualified from the hall of fame. Every game was struggle not only because they had to push past the hatred but also because no one believed in them. However the titans managed to pull through going with the "Perfect Season" 13-0. Not only did Coach Boone do what no one thought he could which is pull a team together but managed to pull a community together as well. This information is from Walt Disney Pictures, Remember the Titans, Jerry Bruckerheimer, made in 2000 DVD.

Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy was a normal girl who lived in a very warm area. Like any other child she wanted to leave and go somewhere where it snowed. However unlike most kids she actually did it. She moved to Colorado and became a mass a gist. After coming home early from what she thought was the flu she ended up having a disease called bacterial meningitis. She got this disease because she didn't get the vaccine for it. While she was in the hospital she lost her spleen, both kidneys, and both legs below the knee to get rid of the disease she had. When she got her prosthetic legs she doubted how she was ever going to travel the world with fake legs. She was physically and emotionally broken because she kept holding on to the old Amy. She realized that if she wanted to be free she would have to let go of the old Amy and embrace the new Amy. She started to look on the bright side because of this. She started thinking about how she didn't have to be 5,5 anymore she could be as tall or as short as she wanted. She also realized she can fit any size shoe wanted. Her dad gave her the best birthday she could ever dream of by giving her one of his kidneys. After finding out that none of the feet could bend she decided to make her own. After making her own pair of feet successfully she practiced. As she practiced she regained her ability to snowboard. She eventually went on to win two back to back gold medals and she is now the top women in the league. She goes on to say her losing her legs didn't disabled her it actually enabled her. I got all of my information from.

Gabby Douglas

Most kids when they born are held by their loving mother right after they come out. Not for Gabby as soon as she came out she was rushed to the ICU. The doctors told her mother she had a blood deficiency. When you're a kid you don’t have to worry about money all you know is that when you ask nicely you can get it. Gabby’s family was living in a RV when she was born. After her dad couldn’t find a job her mom decided to leave him and take all four kids with her. Therefore she grew up in a single parent household. She didn’t go to a real gym to learn gymnast until later almost at the age of twelve. When she finally got to a gym she was bullied because, she was shorter than the other girls at her level. She was a looked at funny because, she was a black gymnast which is a rare. When most kids say what they want to be at age 12 no one reason really knows. However Gabby knew exactly what she wanted to be, an Olympic gymnasts. Lots of kids have heroes, but that doesn't mean they get to meet them. Gabby was lucky and she got to meet her hero in fact he was her coach. Liang Chow.The thing was she had to live in with a family that she didn’t know to be coached by him. Unlike other gymnast during the Olympic tryouts she completely lost her confidence and failed it. After this she lost her faith in her dream and she wanted to quit. She was very close to leaving gymnastics forever, but she decided she had to work hard for what she wanted. At the AT&T world cup she got her confidence and did an amazing job but the points didn't actually count. She wins the second Olympic trials and makes it to the actual Olympics. In the Olympics she was the first gymnast to win both team and all around gold medals in the same Olympics. Even though Gabby Douglas is very different from other gymnast. However she is also very similar to them because they all have the same goal and ambition.

Nick Vujicic

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to have no limbs? That’s the life of Nick Vujicic. He was born without limbs. This was a problem because without hands, what could you do? Not much because you use your hands for everything. We’ll Nick Vujicic made it work. Instead of having a normal job like a teacher, officer, coal miner, janitor he decided to be an inspirational speaker. He decided to tell people this story. He tells people how even though he doesn't have limbs he still lives a life. He swims because he overcame the underdog situation and pushed through what people thought he could do. When he speaks during his lectures he tells people he has a lot of adversity in his life. However he learned to persevere. He also has learned that being the underdog isn't that bad either.

Kayla Montgomery

What is the definition of an underdog? Well I’ll tell you a story and after you can decided. She was shy so her parents pushed her to do sports. She then gained the love for soccer. By the age of 14 she was on a C selection travel team and about to start her freshman year of high school. That’s when she found something was wrong. After a soccer game she couldn’t feel her and she told her mom about it. They gave her cat scans and a few days later the doctor had her diagnosis. Kayla had MS. Even with MS she still wanted to run so with a coach who believed she could, they trained. When Kayla races she doesn’t feel anything in her legs. She says “ It usually starts in my toes, then works it way up to my waist. Then it just stays that way for the rest of the run or race.”Some people might say she has an advantage because she doesn’t feel the burning sensation in her legs. However she also can’t tell how fast she is going so how can she pace herself? The answer is, she can’t. When she first started running she was the slower runners. After training more and more gradually she got fast. Then she made varsity, then became one of their fastest members, next she trained full time with the boys team, lastly becoming one of the fastest runners in North Carolina. Since she has MS her legs can’t come to a coordinated stop so her coach has to be there waiting at the finish line to catch her. Even though she had MS Kayla became the state champions. Even though she had this disease where the body is basically attacking itself she pushed through it and persevered when no one believed she could do it. Only one person needed to believe in and that person is herself. Now what do you think the definition of an underdog is. This information is from her interview with E60!
Attitude Reflects Leadership

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