Heading West


Texas with Mexico

Texas was part of mexico in 1820. Soon Meixco wanted Texas to live,work,ad become loyal citizens. By 1832 20,000 settlers moved to Texas. Spanish people started moving to Texas. Some people started growing cotton and some started ranches. Mexican cowboys skills were handling cattle and riding horses.

The Battle of Alamo

Santa Anna was presdent for Mexico in 1836. He had his group storm to the Alamo 1,000 of his troops. But in the Alamo was a Main Plaza, Cattle Pen, Main Gate, Officer housing, Soldiers barracks, chapel, hospital and the Texans place cannons on the roof of the chapel and the hospital. UNBEALVEABLE THE TEXANS DID IT! 600 Mexican's were either killed or wounded. March 2, 1836 Texans declared independence than they formed there own goverment. They Captured Santa Anna and forced to sigh the treaty. than in September 1836 Texans made Sam Houston Presdent of the republic of Texans.


Gold Rush started in January 1848. James. W Marshall by a California river he was bulding a saw mill. They Saw gold in the river. James and Owner John Sutter they tried keeping it a secret. But in August 4,000 gold seekers had a tent set up. They all wanted to be rich. 80,000 people left everything just to go to California. 57,000 pouplation by 1860 because the gold was found it became that big of the pouplation in Calfornia. Than Californa becomes a state and gets a flag.

Westward Trail

Since the Railroad got bulit its been a lot of transpertantion going on from the 1840-1860. The first railroad were made in Baltimore and Ohio. But when they rode on the rode they rode in wagons. The Mormon Trail: These people were part of Jesus Christ and Wanted Religous Freedom and they were Saints. Joseph Smith and his people moved to Ohio. In Illinois 1844 a mob killed Joseph Smith. Than the church need a new leader they hired Brigham Young led 150 Mormons west to Illinois.