By: Luke Thomas Neal and Jay McGuire

How did Islam Start?

Islam started in Arabia when Muhammad went to meditate in a cave an an angel is said to have spoke to him. That is when the religion started. God also came to him and told him mp what teachings to preach and talk about.

Who founded Islam?

Muhammad is the founder of Islam, because God told him what to tell and what to do. He was also the one who was Gods prophet. He was the one who spread the religion and told people about it.

What Are some Beliefs of Islam?

The central teaching is that there is only one God - Allah- and that Muhammad is his prophet. It teaches that the world had a definite beginning and will end one day. Muhammad said that one day God will come down and judge all people. Also that the people who obeyed Gods orders would be sent to paradise, which is said to be a beautiful garden full of fine food and drinks. Muhammad said that Islam would spread to many more places in the future.

Where did it spread to?

Islam spread all around Arabia and many tribes accepted it as their religion. It was also spread to Medina which means " The Prophets city" in Arabic. Another cool thing was that the first mosque was Muhammad's home!