Should adults have rights to carry a concealed handgun?

The right to carry a concealed handgun is an issue today because many people feel we should not carry firearms. They feel this way because of the violent crimes and shootings that have been happening in the United States.

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1. Criminals might not attack if they know someone is carrying a weapon.

2. Adults will feel safer when they go places especially at night.

3. Adults should be able to carry a concealed handgun to protect themselves or their loved ones.

4. Most adults will follow the law and not misuse their firearms.

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1. Criminals could attack you and use your own gun against you.

2. If adults are drinking and get into a fight it could get violent and use their firearm.

3. Some adults are not properly trained to use a firearm because some states don't require it.

4. Parents could not put their firearm away and a child could play with it and shoot themselves.

5. Police may not know who the criminal is their is a shooting and you have a firearm.

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