Summers over... now on to our busy fall:)_

Well can you believe it? summer is over.....I am actually sad because summer is my favorite time of year. I have to say, I happen to be super excited for this fall tho!! I know how Origami did last fall/winter and alot of you werent even in the biz then. I can personally say it was one of the most caotic times I think I have ever been through. If you were not involved and selling last holiday season then all I can say is put your seatbelt on and get ready to fly. With our new catalog coming out October 1st and the launch of our new locket bracelet on November 1st which is sure to be the hit this year,it is going to be amazing. I highly recommend holding some inventory if you are able to for the last minute people that will call you in December. It will pay off to have things on hand if you can.


Tickets are available for next years convention already. You probably want to plan for this one. July 25,26. I would recommend going Thursday if you can and stay till noon on Sunday. The early bird price is $175.00. Pay for this now and then your flight after the first of the year and the hotel in July at convention. Spread it out! It wont be such a huge money burden. Remember, you can write it all off on your taxes as a business expense. It is worth going just for all of the FREE stuff they gave us this past July. Make it happen ladies, and get your teams there too. Its the most motivating,inspiring thing you can do for your business:)

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And the winner is??????

Congratulations to Val Jeffery for her amazing top sales in August of $4309.00. She will get a special treat from me for being my top front line lady:) She is also ranked at this point in the company #41 to qualify for Cabo. She is on the right track and with fall around the corner I think she will do it. How exciting !! We can all do this with 3 month left to qualify so remember my last newsletter and the importance of making your goals.

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Incentive winners!

Well, I had 2 ladies earn the bracelet incentive.Congratulations to :

Val Jeffery , PV $4309.00

Daisy Kono,Pv $1509.54 ( in her first month!)

They both won the bracelet and their first owl charm.I know you can all earn the bracelet and charms this fall. Im so excited to see yours at convention:)

August birthstone winners with PV of $500.00 or more:

Val Jeffery

Daisy Kono

Meleah Holbrook

Megan Lee

Brooke Linder

Kim Wysocki

Anne Marie Wray

If you have any questions about my incentive program please ask me. It was in the July newsletter.

Update on team name

Well after a long wait, I found out that at this time I can name my team without approval from the nest. In hopes no one else takes it I am going to do it just so you all feel you have another home to go to. At this time I will not start another facebook page unless you(my front line ladies) want one for just you. Let me know your thoughts and in the future I may consider doing this. A more intimate page to come to for trading,questions and sharing ideas. I know you can do this on the other pages so let me know your thoughts.

You are all now part of "the Whootiologists". Cute? What do you think?

So your lineage is,

Me: Whootioligists

Kristina Marthaler: Owlistas

Rochelle Britton: Whootie Whoots

If you are new and are not added to these 2 Facebook pages please let me know. Please remember to add your new DIWs to these pages as soon as they fly. They are such great resources for the new owls.....Also add the new DIWs to the waiting pages....VERY IMPORTANT!! Keeps them in the loop while they wait.

By the way, the wait list is vanishing. Pretty soon ladies! its coming! no more wait list. Oh my goodness I cant wait. Last I heard it was at 8000. They have been sending 3500 each week now so if this continues its should be gone by the end of the month. Lets keep our fingers crossed:)

Lots of changes....

There are alot of changes coming. New back office,new catalogs and new products. I am learning right along with you but if you have any questions about anything ,please dont hesitate to ask. I will find the answer if I can.

I look forward to working with each of you and help you grow your teams and business !

Leigh Ronsen