Transfer Stories from NVC

Where are they now?

National Transfer Student Week

This week is all about you! NVC applauds your hard work, and we invite you to share your story! Have you been admitted or are you beginning the transfer process? Tag us in your social media posts with #TransferStudentWeek or #MyNVCStory and we will share on Instagram all week long!

Also, we caught up with a few NVC transfer alumni over the weekend and asked them a few questions about their transfer experience and what they are up to now.

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Arteja S.

I graduated from Napa Valley College in the Spring of 2019 with my AA-T in psychology. After that, I transferred to UC Davis to initially study psychology. In June 2021 I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology and communications.

Right after I graduated I was hired as a recovery coach at Crestwood Behavioral Health. A few weeks in, I was promoted to a Service Coordinator with the same company. I help individuals going through a psychiatric crisis by providing resources and finding them placement at inpatient psychiatric facilities. It was very intimidating jumping into the workforce shortly after graduating. However, my education and experiences have definitely prepared me to handle any obstacles that come my way. There were times when I didn’t think I would get through my education; so, I am very proud of how far I have come. And of course, none of this would have happened if I didn’t start out my journey at Napa Valley College.

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Josh D.

Josh D. transferred from NVC to Stanford University in 2020.

The atmosphere of NVC was so supportive. From the professors to the students, everyone was so accepting and aided in my personal and academic growth. I found incredible assistance from Patricia Posada and MESA. They provided an inclusive environment where I felt comfortable studying and struggling through my courses. The most important support I received at NVC was from Dr. Alejandro Guerrero. I took his Counselling 100 course (I highly recommend it for all students!) my first semester at NVC, and it completely transformed what I thought I was capable of. I gained an unfamiliar sense of agency. In addition, he became my champion, providing unparalleled encouragement, counsel, and support. I wouldn’t have even applied to Stanford if it weren’t for him. Thank you Dr. G!

I am currently a Junior at Stanford University, majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering with a freshwater focus, and minoring in Human Rights. This quarter I am in the U.K. studying at Oxford University through a study abroad program at Stanford. This past Summer I was a research fellow with the Stanford Existential Risk Initiative where I explored the threat of rising seas facing global nuclear power facilities. I intend to apply for Stanford’s Co-term program next year, which will afford me the opportunity to concurrently earn a master’s degree in engineering while I continue working toward a bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, I hope to improve global access to clean water and sanitation, particularly in impoverished and underdeveloped communities.

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Chelsea C.

Chelsea C. transferred from NVC to UC Davis in 2020 with an Associates degree in Sociology.

I loved my two years at NVC and I actually really miss it! My objective, though, was to transfer, and I couldn't have done it without the help of all of my instructors and my wonderful SSS TRIO counselor Tracy! I was well-prepared and equipped for my transfer to UC Davis as a result of their efforts.

I'm currently earning a bachelor's degree in Sociology. One of my ambitions is to one day be a published author. After graduation, I want to continue my education by pursuing a master's degree and continue to travel the world. There are so many opportunities available; don't be afraid to seek them out!

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Logan P.

My transfer year was summer 2020, and I earned an Associates of Science-Transfer degree in Business Administration. I transferred to California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

My success both in school and in transferring was largely thanks to Napa Valley College's Veterans service center. More specifically, it was Lynette Cortes who always helped ensure that I had everything I needed to be a successful student. Every semester I met with a counselor, who was always there to help me adjust the course and ensure the smooth transition into my next college. I always recommend students meeting with a counselor regularly!

Last summer I was offered an internship with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. I had an incredible time learning about how the bank operated and my assignment was to create a data trends analysis of incident reports for each location of my local district. The staff there are friendly, hard-working, and dedicated to the success of their employees. After the end of my internship, I was offered an extension as an hourly employee. I am currently working for the Bank part-time while I finish my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management (finance). My tentative graduation date is in June of 2022.

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Lucrecia E.

Hello, my name is Lucrecia and I’m a proud transfer alumni from NVC. I graduated

earlier this May with an AAT in Sociology and I will be transferring to UC Berkeley (CAL) in

Spring 22. I’m taking 3 classes at NVC to help me stay academically focused and prepare me for Berkeley.

I will continue my major in Sociology at Berkeley by earning a BA and receive support from resources like I did with DSPS, EOPS, and SSS TRIO. Speaking of which, I was involved in those programs throughout my time at NVC. I had some academic challenges along

the road but DSPS, EOPS, and TRIO were there for me and helped overcome my challenges by

trying my best, managing my time, relieving my stress and anxiety, and always encouraging me to work hard and try my best. The Covid 19 pandemic was hard on me in my academics because it was a challenge to get my assignments done on time and not having enough study spaces like NVC and the library since they were closed due to Covid but I was able to find a study space in my room at home and in the park once we were out of lockdown last year. I also liked to share that I am Autistic and I’m not ashamed about it but I’m proud.

I feel that Autism is a different ability and though I struggle or have academic challenges, I am smart and know what to do when it comes to academic troubles and personal problems as well. Like always the resources that I used were there in my good and bad times.

I like to take a minute to thank DSPS, my EOPS counselor Maricel Rossi, and my amazing advisor from TRIO Martin Olguin who were a great support throughout my 4 years at NVC. I also would like to thank Transfer Center for guiding me on how to transfer to a 4 year university and achieving my goal to transfer to Berkeley.

I’m still excited for this journey and only 3 more months until I actually transfer to CAL. I can’t wait to start at UC Berkeley and see what surprises are ahead for me there and what I hope to accomplish. I have been visiting UC Berkeley campus as much as possible in my free time while I wait to start next semester because I got admitted for the Spring semester. After graduating from Berkeley, I plan to take 1 or 2 years off from school and decide whether I should get a MSW or a masters in Special Education teaching. I can’t thank you again enough for supporting me through this process and good luck to me at my next adventure at CAL.